UroLift is a revolutionary, in-office solution that provides men living with enlarged prostates rapid, low-risk relief from their symptoms. Given the sensitive nature of the subject, and with a wealth of information on hand for the user, the goal for SmartBug was to create a website that was both informative and one that gave users an easy way to navigate to and access that information.

Using UroLift’s existing branding, we created a multi-page website that breaks down everything you need to know about the treatment. A combination of videos, diagrams and lifestyle photography was delivered to ensure it was tailored to the correct personas so they can easily browse the website and find the information they are looking for.

UroLift home page website design
UroLift mobile web design
UroLift mobile design work
UroLift tablet mobile web design
UroLift web design ux
UroLift website design