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Refreshing a Community-Driven Software Brand with a Clean Design

Care4Software Website Desktop View
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Care4 is a community-driven software company that gives care providers a platform for evidence-based therapeutic models. Although it provides a novel service to health professionals, the brand’s website wasn’t setting the company apart, and it didn’t communicate the messages Care4 had come to cherish. Care4 came to SmartBug with a growing need to stand out from traditional electronic health record providers, lift brand awareness, and increase leads—all while educating potential customers about a complicated product. SmartBug delivered a full website redesign that educates visitors through clear language, informative features, and a clean, eye-catching layout. 

Care4Software Clean Layout Desktop View Care4Software Clean Layout Mobile View

Amplifying Messages With a Clean Layout

To break through to visitors, our design team crafted a clean, crisp layout that draws visitors’ attention to the brand’s most important messages. 

Community-Focused Stock Image in Website

Radiating Warmth Through Images

By weaving community-focused stock images and illustrations throughout the site, our team promoted the supportive feel that our client cherishes. 

Care4Software Website Descriptions

Educating Visitors With Digestible Snippets

To teach visitors about the value of a complex product, we peppered the site with digestible descriptions and informative content.