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Cutler Nutrition

Bulking up a Bodybuilding Brand’s E-Comm Revenue

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Cutler Nutrition is a bodybuilding-focused wellness brand led by four-time Mr. Olympia Champ Jay Cutler. With an ever-expanding list of products centered on helping you achieve your fitness goals, the Cutler Team approached SmartBug® about email marketing. We combined consistent messaging, eye-catching design, and analysis-based strategy to implement seasonal emails, evergreen email flows, and SMS, all of which produced an increase in monthly revenue gains.


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Transforming Existing Email Flows

Not only did our team revamp the copy, design, and timing of their email flows, but we also added new ones to capitalize on purchase opportunities.

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Adding Value with SMS

We helped cultivate a growing SMS list as a surefire way to boost ROI by getting their products in front of the right audience.

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Customizing Monthly Strategy

Using company-specific data and industry expertise, our team delivers up-to-date recommendations and strategies for future projects every month.

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Making Holiday Gains

Well-timed sale announcements and reminders are important for creating urgency and maximizing seasonal revenue.

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Attention-Grabbing Pop-Ups

By implementing bold design and discount incentives into their site pop-ups, we encouraged brand engagement and additional sales.