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SDR Nation

Creating a Website, Building a Community

SDR Nation Website Desktop View
SDR Nation Website Desktop View
SDR Nation Website Desktop View


SDR Nation is a professional community in which sales development representatives (SDRs) can connect with peers and tap coaching, mentoring, and training resources. Jen Spencer, SmartBug’s chief revenue officer, was a founding coach at SDR Nation and recommended our design and production services to the association. We redesigned and expanded SDR Nation’s website, making it more appealing and interactive for the community’s younger demographic. The new site also emphasizes social proof and highlights SDR Nation’s team of coaches.

Interactive Homepage on SDR Nation Interactive Homepage on SDR Nation Website

Interactive Homepage Elements

Advanced hover effects, two testimonial sliders, and a unique, graphical main title capture visitors’ attention and reinforce the community’s mission.

SDR Nation Website Design

Fun Design for Target Audience

The new design is geared toward the target audience: young SDRs, early in their careers, who are looking for a community that understands them.

Social Proof on SDR Nation Website

Social Proof

Testimonials throughout the website, including two sliders on the home page, use real photos submitted by members and hover effects to connect with readers.