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Cedarhurst Senior Living

A Staff Recruitment Video for Senior Living Communities


Aiming to address the challenge of staffing for a dynamic team in senior living communities, the recruitment video was strategically created with a clear objective: to attract committed individuals seeking a purposeful career in senior living. 

The video skillfully navigates the unique benefits and the fulfilling work environment offered, spotlighting the meaningful impact the team makes in seniors' lives. The video communicates the organization's values and cultivates genuine interest, making it an effective solution to the challenge of finding suitable candidates. It not only simplifies the recruitment journey but also aligns passionate individuals with the senior living company’s mission. The recruitment video has excelled in enhancing recruitment efforts by effectively connecting purpose-driven candidates with an enriching career journey in senior care.

Additionally Cedarhurst approached SmartBug Media looking for an overhaul of their website. We created a fresh design, intuitive UX layout, and customized community sites, so that seniors and their loved ones can access the resources, reviews, and contact information they need to find a Cedarhurst community near them.