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Venio Systems

Elevating Legal eDiscovery Website with New Branding and Design

Venio Systems Desktop Design
Venio Systems Tablet Design
Venio Systems Mobile Design


Venio Systems is a legal eDiscovery software company that uses AI-powered software and technology to automate, process, review, and produce petabytes of enterprise/corporate data. While the company’s software is cutting-edge, it felt its website was dated and didn’t represent the brand. It needed a new, inbound-optimized website that both elevated the brand while making it easier for customers to use. SmartBug worked with Venio Systems to completely rebrand its website using design, define its voice, and make the website align better with the company and with the legal industry. 

Venio Systems desktop design view Venio Systems mobile design

Modernized the Brand

SmartBug’s creative department started at the ground floor to ideate and create a completely new logo that better matched the Venio System’s brand and aligned better within its industry. While the team worked on new logo designs, it also created fresh new visual guidelines that truly elevated the website’s look and feel.

Venio Systems tablet design view

Created Brand Messaging Matrix

While the designers were working on the visual elements, our copywriters dug deep with the client to produce a comprehensive messaging matrix that would help guide not just Venio Systems’ new voice and tone, but also identify what messaging was most crucial to the brand, which helped form audience personas.

Venio Systems tablet view design Venio Systems mobile view design

Developed Unique Custom Pages

Collaborating closely with the creative team, SmartBug’s development team worked closely with the client to create both a custom homepage and a product overview page that met Venio Systems' unique industry needs and made it easy for its customers to find what they need.