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Virtual Technologies, Inc.

Catapulting Virtual Display Technology into the 21st Century

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Virtual Technologies, Inc. (VTI) is a distribution company that sells interactive technology products and services. When the founders of VTI approached SmartBug®️, they had one lofty goal in mind: to create the company’s first-ever website, which would highlight product offerings and encourage new prospects to request a demo. The result: a professional website with sleek UI, robust product descriptions, and intuitive CTAs to drive more conversions and delight more customers.

VTI desktop view VTI mobile view

Built from Scratch

Now, with VTI’s first-ever web presence, returning customers and prospects alike can access product information on demand. 

VTI desktop view VTI desktop view

User-First Interface

From display carousels to streamlined software and services pages to VTI resources and testimonials, users will enjoy simple, intuitive site navigation.

VTI tablet

Bold Visual Displays

Colorful iconography and product imagery illustrate the myriad of display technology options available to VTI customers.

VTI tablet view VTI mobile view

Engaging Conversion Opportunities

Interactive CTAs enable prospects to schedule demos and learn more from experts in the field about the products and services VTI offers.