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Empowering Local Governments with Priority-Based Budgeting

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Budgeting gets a bad rap for being tedious, monotonous, and detached from measurable outcomes. That’s exactly the narrative ResourceX hopes to change. ResourceX believes in the power of local government to address society’s most significant challenges through the strategic allocation of resources. By solving the resource equation through priority-based budgeting, ResourceX equips local governments with the tools necessary to support its citizens and achieve extraordinary results.

To reach the right customers, establish credibility, and showcase clear brand differentiation, the team at ResourceX knew they needed a complete overhaul of their brand: new messaging, new visual identity (including a logo), and a new website to transform their online presence. You can learn more about our creative and branding service offerings here

The new website attracts visitors with its sleek layout, simple navigation, and seamless functionality. New messaging demystifies stereotypes about the local budgeting process and positions ResourceX as the hero. After all, priority-based budgeting isn’t just spreadsheets and numbers; it’s a customizable tool used to identify, clarify, and prioritize the needs of a community and turn dollars into data-based decisions.

Visitors to the new website are greeted by bold colors, custom product imagery, captivating animation, and streamlined mega menu navigation that work together to engage government entities of all sizes and call users to take action by requesting a demo, implementing a proven budgeting strategy, and supporting their community needs for short-term wins and sustained success.

ResourceX's Clean Layout & Sleek Navigation More of ResourceX's Clean Layout & Sleek Navigation

Clean Layout & Sleek Navigation

Government entities need to understand how priority-based budgeting (PBB) benefits their constituency today and secures the fiscal health of their communities tomorrow. Thanks to the new website’s custom interactions, subtle animations, simplified layout, and sleek navigation, users can explore the full range of platform capabilities and solutions according to role and outcome.

Modern Color Palette & Icons on ResourceX's website on desktop Modern Color Palette & Icons on ResourceX's website on

Modern Color Palette & Icons

Government agencies are all too familiar with clunky dashboards, outdated messaging, and lackluster visual displays. When the project first kicked off, ResourceX wanted to create a new website that would set the brand apart from competitors in the space. Thanks to our work on the visual identity and supporting brand elements, including a fresh color palette and modern iconography, users identify ResourceX as an approachable, down-to-earth changemaker in the government budgeting space.

ResourceX's Custom Product Imagery on a tablet ResourceX's Custom Product Imagery on a tablet

Custom Product Imagery

Given the industry and target audience, this project presented a unique challenge: how best to illustrate the complexities of a priority-based budgeting platform without overwhelming new visitors.

The new website’s custom imagery conveys the robust functionality of the budgeting platform itself in a way that’s approachable and informative. Now, users get to know the platform’s dynamic capabilities before scheduling a demo with the team at ResourceX to learn more.