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Every quarter, SmartBug® provides pro bono agency work to one nonprofit organization, delivering a powerful and effective marketing strategy with proven results.

How We Can Help

Amplify Donation Campaign Efforts

Develop a digital campaign and strategy for annual charity events or giving donations, to increase reach.

Increase Recognition of Charitable Work

Extend awareness to targeted audiences and build more recognition for the work the nonprofit organization does. Our clients have seen a 60% increase in donations YoY.

Build a Recognizable Nonprofit Brand

Perform an on-page SEO keyword audit, a focused effort to improve keyword ranking and search engine results for tailored content.

Optimize Reach & Web Performance

Examine website to determine opportunities related to on-page ranking factors and web performance.
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Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors

Providing Much-Needed SEO Help to a Nonprofit

Improving SEO on Phoenix Society’s Resource Center became a big focus of the retainer. Not every recommendation was immediately adopted, but the organization now has a solid plan, as well as the tools to increase the reach and impact of their website and content.

How We Deliver Nonprofit Marketing

We create smart, data-backed strategies to power nonprofit marketing goals. Our team weaves together the best of inbound marketing, web design, PR, paid search, creative, and more to increase marketing ROI.

Bootcamp for SaaS

The Complete Guide to Landing Pages

Download the landing page improvement bundle to improve your visitors’ experience, improve your conversion rate, and increase your organic search traffic.

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