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Breaking Records, Not the Bank: Two Maids' Journey to Lower Costs and Higher Leads for Franchisees


 SmartBug Media tackled rapid expansion and campaign management hurdles for Two Maids—enhancing lead generation and reducing costs across all franchises. 

Daily leads jumped from 3.75 to 5.16 per location


Google Ads cost per lead dropped by


Number of new locations the franchise expanded by



Two Maids, a rapidly expanding cleaning service franchise under the HFC family of brands, faced significant challenges in scaling its digital marketing efforts to match its growth. The Alabama-based nationwide franchise lacked the bandwidth to manage and optimize campaigns across 130+ locations. This fragmentation led to inconsistent marketing practices, underperformance in lead generation, and a growing need for a unifying strategy. SmartBug Media transformed Two Maids’ disjointed marketing efforts into one high-performing digital strategy as ready for success as Two Maids' ambitious expansion plans. 

Two Maids

The Problem

Fragmented Marketing in a Fast-Growing Franchise with Limited Bandwidth

Two Maids was navigating a period of explosive growth. With more than 130 franchise locations nationwide and a small digital marketing team stretched thin, the company struggled to maintain effective campaign management and strategic communication with its franchisees. As Two Maids grew, it needed a reliable way to make sure every franchisee enjoyed affordable, consistent, and high-quality leads. 

Compounding these challenges was Two Maids' need for a sophisticated digital marketing strategy that could adapt to the rapid pace of expansion. The company recognized that overcoming these hurdles required a comprehensive overhaul of its marketing approach (and, preferably, a shift from reactive to proactive marketing). 

The search was on for a partner to improve lead generation for franchise locations, engineer a comprehensive marketing overhaul, reimagine the way Two Maids interacted with its franchisees, and, ultimately, drive franchise-wide success.

Katie Belling

A lot of times, vendors that we work with are really hands-on in the beginning. And then, once the sale happens, it takes days to get a response from whoever you are supposed to go to with questions. But with [SmartBug], there are so many times where I feel like I haven't even moved away from my email inbox, and I already have a response.

Katie Belling
Director of Marketing and Branding for Two Maids
Two Maids team Two Maids cleaning

Our Solution

A Tailored Digital Strategy Elevates Franchise Marketing

Our team has demonstrated expertise in optimizing digital marketing efforts and proven success working with the HFC brand family. We combined a deep understanding of Two Maids' unique needs with our performance-driven strategy to fuel a swift, impactful execution of digital campaigns across more than 100 franchise locations.

After an in-depth discovery process, we jumped right into: 

  • Lightning-fast, pain-free onboarding: Our team began managing the needs of more than 100 locations in a matter of days, and we facilitated Two Maids’ seamless transition from in-house marketing to agency partnership.
  • Campaign optimization: We conducted comprehensive audits and keyword research and launched targeted ad groups with refined bid strategies for enhanced campaign performance.
  • Budget management: Our team streamlined budget allocation to align with corporate goals, ensuring optimal spend across franchises.
  • Advanced tracking: We implemented conversion and call tracking to accurately measure lead generation effectiveness.
  • Performance monitoring and reporting: We set up systems for simple, high-visibility reporting on key metrics such as click-through rates and lead flow. This made it easy to see growth and bring actionable insights to stakeholders. 

Through it all, we focused on rapid deployment and kept campaigns as location-specific and tailored to each franchise as possible. We wanted to be fast-moving but still geared for maximum impact. We also prioritized being responsive, proactive, and accessible for Two Maids throughout our entire partnership, making sure the client felt that we were tackling challenges together.

The Results

Average Leads per Location Increased by 37% in Just 6 Months

Our strategic overhaul for Two Maids had the hoped-for maximum impact! Within a remarkably short time frame, Two Maids achieved a wide range of goals, including: 

  • A reduction in cost per lead: Efficient campaign management and optimization techniques led to a significant reduction in cost per lead. The average cost per lead fell from $25.76 in August 2023 to $21.35 in January 2024 on Google Ads and from $34.39 to $9.38 on Meta/Facebook Ads.
  • An increase in lead quality: Our campaign optimizations and adjustments increased lead volume and readiness, which contributed to increased conversion rates and customer satisfaction. 
  • More leads overall: Two Maids’ average leads per day per location rose 37%, from 3.75 in July 2023 to 5.16 in January 2024—and the number of locations falling below the 50 leads per month threshold dropped from eight to zero.
  • A surge in website traffic: A strategic blend of SEO enhancements and targeted PPC campaigns resulted in a 40 percent increase in website visits, driving more potential customers to Two Maids' digital doorstep.
  • A boost in organic engagement: Thanks to refined content strategies and SEO improvements, organic traffic saw a substantial 50 percent increase coupled with a 45 percent uptick in organic leads, showcasing the power of well-crafted content and search engine optimization. Two Maids’ search impression share on Google Ads also increased significantly, from 10.33 percent in January 2023 to 32.12 percent in January 2024.
  • Enhanced conversion rates: Through meticulous A/B testing and landing page optimization, we achieved a 20 percent improvement in conversion rates, effectively turning more visitors into leads.

Our team not only created more than 200 campaigns across Google and Facebook, but we also built all of the conversion tracking so Two Maids could measure its efforts and growth, which it was unable to do before. This growth and visibility enabled further franchising opportunities. Since we’ve started working with Two Maids, it has opened an additional 14 locations

These results speak volumes—but even with hard numbers backing up client success, we know that the ultimate reflection of our work is making our clients feel like they’ve found a true partner. 

Two Maids found that! 

“If this tells you anything, [I joke with] my boss all the time that if anyone ever tries to take the [SmartBug] partnership away from me. I will quit. I think this has been just the best partnership of a vendor that I've worked with since I've been here.”  Katie Belling, Two Maids 

Our team worked hard to make sure every dollar spent worked harder for Two Maids. With our support and a sustainable focus on results-driven strategies, Two Maids has not only overcome its initial challenges but also paved the way for years of future franchising growth and success. 

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