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Reputation Management

Your customers are talking about your brand. Are you listening? By routinely analyzing, monitoring, and responding to your franchise network's customer reviews, you can bolster your brand's reputation and develop more personable, trustworthy, and long-lasting relationships throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

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Connect with Customers & Enhance Your Online Presence

icon of customers providing positive feedback

Create a 24/7 feedback loop with your customers.

Stay up to date on your customers' satisfaction levels. We'll help you provide timely feedback for every review and pivot your marketing strategies as your customers' needs evolve.   
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Leverage user-generated content to your advantage.

What do customers say about your network's products and services? Propsects want to know. Build trust by letting your customers' experiences lead the way and responding to user-generated content in your brand's voice.  
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Strengthen your brand's public perception.

Create an enticing public persona that draws in new prospects and keeps loyal customers happy. By maintaining a strong presence across reviews, social media, and Google, you'll fortify your brand's authority and dispel any misconceptions.   
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Unify branding and messaging across all marketing channels.

Hone in on a singular brand voice, values, and image across all brand assets, marketing channels, and customer interactions to provide a feeling of cohesion and dependability across multilocation franchises.   

Deploy Our Proven Strategy

Ready to implement a reputation management plan across your entire franchise network? We've got you covered. Our subject matter experts support you throughout the entire customer lifecycle as you boost customer satisfaction, increase retention, and drive ROI.

Step 1

Audit Your Reputation

Before you can improve your brand's online presence, you need to know where you stand with customers at the local level today. We'll take a look at your current channels to understand where you're making the biggest impact and flag opportunities to update any inaccurate or off-brand communication.

  • Customer Reviews
  • Social Media
Step 2

Enhance Your Listings

Next, we'll get to work cleaning up those listings that may take your customers off course. By enhancing core listings and associated pages, we can accurately pinpoint where we need to focus most on generating quality customer reviews that resonate with your local target audience.

  • Local SEO
  • Employer Branding
  • Customer Experience (CX) Strategy
  • Fake Review Flagging
Step 3

Respond to Customer Feedback

We hope for five-star customer reviews every time, but we're also prepared to pivot when critical feedback comes up. Should customer reviews include less-than-stellar praise, our team is here to provide timely, empathetic, and on-brand responses for every negative review.

  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Google Business Profile
Step 4

Promote Positive Reviews

What better way to promote your greatest business successes than with the words of your customers themselves? Simply put: Your prospects want to hear from loyal, long-time customers. We'll work with your team to promote these positive reviews across social media, Google Business, and beyond.

  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Google Business Profile
  • Public Relations Outreach
  • SEO
Step 5

Track Your Success

We want to celebrate every win with you, from each positive review to every new lead generated. Thanks to our reputation management platform, we're able to share those successes and monitor your progress with quantitative KPIs to keep your reputation indisputable and airtight.

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Reviews on Key Websites
  • Average Review Ratings
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