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Crafting a Fresh, Fun Look for a Leading B2B Software Provider

Vartopia Website Desktop View
Vartopia Website Tablet View
Vartopia Website Mobile View


Vartopia is a software provider that helps businesses improve their CRM and data management systems. With more than 30,000 partners, the company has long been helping vendors increase the value and efficiency of their tech stack. Unfortunately, their website was holding their business back. In addition to not displaying the messages the business believed in, their website wasn’t set up to generate leads, invite partners, or support the marketing campaigns their team knew they needed to grow. So we built a fun, fresh website that draws in visitors and encourages engagement.  

Website Bright Color Palette Website Fresh Color Palette

Accenting Key Messages with Color

Our design team intertwined a fresh color palette with bright accents to emphasize a fun, yet professional brand. 

Website Eye-Catching Graphics

Grabbing Attention with Graphics

We crafted simple, eye-catching graphics to draw in the visitor’s eye and break down the client’s story.

Website Partner Images Website Partner Images Mobile View

Inviting Partners with Crisp Images

To welcome new partners, our team assembled active, positive images and laid them out in a visually-inviting series. 

Clean Website Layout

Simplifying the Complex

To keep visitors engaged, we paired a clean layout with informative, hard-hitting bites of copy.