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Arbor Citrus Park

Helping Seniors Explore Community Living with a Flexible Design

Arbor Citrus Park Website on Desktop
Arbor Citrus Park Website on Tablet
Arbor Citrus Park Website on Mobile


Located in Tampa, Florida, Arbor Terrace Citrus Park is just one of The Arbor Company’s more than 40 senior living communities across 11 states. Arbor was already working with SmartBug Media® on inbound marketing when it decided that it was time for a website redesign that could be implemented across all of its senior living communities. Arbor not only needed a persona-driven, goal-oriented website, but it also needed a design that was flexible and easy to maintain and manage after launch. SmartBug® worked with Arbor to create a scalable website template that highlights its branding, celebrates the company’s differentiators, and tells the story of its buyer personas.

Arbor Citrus Park Getting Started Arbor Citrus Park Getting Started Page

Elevating the User Experience

Because most of Arbor’s personas are just starting to explore senior living, we built a “Getting Started” page with educational content and valuable internal links to guide visitors.

Arbor Citrus Park Navigation Box Desktop Arbor Citrus Park Navigation Box Mobile

Making Navigation Easier

We created a mobile-friendly navigation box on the homepage hero image that gives site visitors a quick, concise look at the most relevant information and pages.

Arbor Citrus Park Floorplans 2

Anchoring Popular Features

Floor plans are one of the most popular features on Arbor’s website, so we highlighted this module on each living options page by placing an anchor link in the hero image.

Arbor Citrus Park Website Backend

Ensuring Flexibility and Scalability

Because each Arbor community offers different amenities and features, we created a flexible website template with modules and elements that can easily be hidden or duplicated.

Arbor Citrus Park Photography Arbor Citrus Park Photography on Desktop

Reaching Beyond the Page

We created a guide to help Arbor’s photographers capture images that would work seamlessly as hero images based on the need for gradients and text placement.