Video Marketing

Use video to capture your buyer persona’s attention.

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Our approach

Defining the goal

Video can and should be incorporated throughout all the stages of the Buyer’s Journey. Would you like your video to provide brand awareness and attract new customers? Convert your leads? Educate your current customers?

  • Discovery call As with any effective project, creating video begins with an understanding of background and business goals.
  • Storyboard Along with concept statement and script, storyboards define video goals and align expectations.

Choose your method

Your budget, buyer personas, and end goals will all have an influence on what kind of video will be the most effective to produce.

  • Quality production Let us recruit the talent and direct full live-action videos.
  • Illustration Stretch your budget further by producing an engaging story via motion graphics.

Post and promote

The video has been produced, and now you have this awesome, shiny new piece of content to show to the world. Let us help you determine the best platform to reach your audience.

  • Video hosting Vendors such as Vidyard, Wistia, and YouTube each have their own set of benefits.
  • Promotion Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are extremely compatible with video. Let’s maximize your reach.
New Call-to-action

Build a comprehensive, custom Growth Marketing Playbook.

For all of our clients, we create a comprehensive and custom inbound marketing plan. It’s the result of a variety of discovery calls with members of your team, a deep dive into your business, a gap analysis of your current marketing and recommendations for your initial campaigns.

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  • Gap Analysis Lorem ipsum dolor nuit estraeu cum sociis natoque penatibus.
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What our clients say

If you are thinking about hiring an agency to help with your inbound marketing, SmartBug Media is someone you should contact.”

Brian Halligan

HubSpot, CEO & Co-founder

SmartBug delivers the strategy, execution, and results you’d expect from the ‘big boys’ with the care, responsiveness, and depth of understanding of your own employee.”

Chris Evans

Eagle's Flight, Executive Vice President Marketing and Business Development,

Our HubSpot reps were amazed at the scope of service SmartBug provided for us. I've been through website design processes before, and this experience was better in every way.”

Martin Cuniff

Member, Innovista Law PLLC

The spectrum of knowledge and expertise in all things inbound, website development, HubSpot CMS and lead gen is amazing.”

Peter Mastrangelo

Harmony Healthcare International, Chief Financial Officer

After two websites, a lot of inbound marketing work and a HubSpot management program for one of our portfolio sites, it's clear that SmartBug Media knows what they're doing.”

Kamau Coleman

Diamon Rock Partners, Managing Partner