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Zentera Systems

Launching a Fully Loaded, Templated Site in 9 Weeks

Zentera website on desktop
Zentera website on tablet
Zentera website on mobile


Zentera Systems is a leader in offering solutions for enterprise organizations to streamline and secure their cloud infrastructure. When Zentera Systems approached SmartBug Media® about redesigning its website, it wanted a better site that felt more cohesive and professional—and Zentera wanted it fast. Using templates designed by our in-house user experience strategists, we were able to design, build, and launch a clean, on-brand modern website in less than three months.

Zentera desktop UX driven Zentera desktop UX driven template

Leveraging Templates for a Quick Launch

Using our library of fully loaded, UX-driven templates, we were able to create a clean sitemap with clear navigation and site architecture in just nine weeks.

Zentera web design desktop Zentera web design mobile

Constructing a Cohesive Experience

In order to keep the site cohesive and consistent from page to page, our design team standardized and simplified the hero section across the website.

Zentera website color palette

Leveraging the Color Palette

Tailoring our templates to the client’s branding and color palette, we reskinned the site and implemented a dot gradient design throughout the site to play to the speed of the client’s solution.