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Our Culture

At SmartBug Media, we're passionate about creating great memories while doing great work. Life is about creating memories. Work is about achieving amazing goals. Here, we do both.

coworkers at SmartBug

We were remote before remote was cool.

At SmartBug, we understand what it takes to succeed in a remote environment because we've been doing it since Day 1. Because we have the freedom to recruit SmartBugs from across the country and around the world, we've built a team of top-tier talent, versed in the industry's leading technology and committed to winning measurable results for all of our clients, across verticals of specialized expertise.

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Certification Day

Every quarter, SmartBug presses pause on our usual hustle to deepen our respective areas of expertise. Our 300 subject matter experts are testing new tools, exploring the latest industry insights, and expanding their technical savvy to better serve our clients. That's nearly 2,500 hours of collective professional growth in one day! Over the course of the year, we'll dedicate almost 4,000 hours to upping our game.


Welcome to SmartBug's annual retreat: part training, part team building, all fun. Once a year, we bring all SmartBugs together to grow their skills, have some laughs, and energize the entire team. Smartbugaalooza is our five-star annual conference—a family reunion of sorts. It's one day of work and three days of fun. It’s a pull-out-all-the-stops, you’ll-remember-this-when-you’re-old-and-gray kind of event.

SmartBugs dressed in 1920s costumes
SmartBugs dressed in 1920s costumes
SmartBugs playing a game
SmartBugs hiking
Speakers at Palooza
Casey Peddicord, SmartBug Media
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Prêt à faire le prochain grand saut dans votre carrière ? Nous serions ravis de vous entendre. Découvrez nos postes ouverts.

Our Core Values

What does being a SmartBug mean?


Get it done.

Client goals are our goals. We keep our promises, holding ourselves accountable to doing our best work, on time, all the time.

Stay curious.

We insist. Learning never ends, and SmartBugs are naturally driven to master what we don’t know. (Sound like you?)

Have fun.

(For real.) We spend more time at work than anywhere else. It’s important to create memories with each other and our clients.

Innovate, always.

Good ideas can come from anywhere. Every voice is heard as we strive to find the best path forward.

Rock it.

Yea-ah. Our clients’ success is our success. We work hard to deliver top results and peace of mind.

Bend, don’t break.

Marketing, like life, brings variety. We don’t let speedbumps get in the way of goals.

Build belonging.

We’re our real, whole selves, every day. Our differences make us better.
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An Inclusive Culture

No walls. No ceilings. No excuses.

We don’t pretend to be perfect, but we promise to always work toward dissolving the walls, ceilings, and excuses that hinder creating a healthy and inclusive workforce. SmartBug is dedicated to continual improvement. The only way we’ll grow to our full potential is by ensuring that we have a diverse mix of unique people powering our ideas.We don’t need cookie cutter employees. We need curious human beings with different perspectives being their authentic selves.


Healthy SmartBug

Our hope for each SmartBug is a challenging career where everyone earns opportunity. It’s why we always keep our eye on making sure that SmartBug is happy, healthy, safe, and resilient.


  • Ensure clients are always satisfied
  • Make work life engaging and enriching
  • Lead with honest, open feedback


  • Grow only with scalability
  • Ensure a solid financial performance
  • Work smart and efficiently


  • Think, and make sound decisions
  • Let smart people collaborate on planning
  • Encourage innovation and new ideas


  • Stay nimble and open-minded
  • Handle tough situations using our core values
  • Meet unpredictability with a solid foundation

Recognition and Raves

We love winning for our clients—and our team.