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From K-12 to college, we help schools of all sizes implement proven digital strategies that turn prospects into students.

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Why Work with SmartBug?

Boost Applications and Enrollment

Our digital education strategies are designed to grab leads and drive conversions. We take a data-driven approach to attract prospects and boost awareness, applications, and enrollment.

Tailor Marketing to the Modern Student

With more students interacting online than ever before, traditional marketing tactics are no longer reaching them. We craft digital strategies tailored to the modern student to meet them exactly where they are.

Build Trust in Your School

Students want to attend a school they love and trust. That's why we use proven education marketing strategies to grab their attention, tell your story, boost your brand, and inspire more applicants.

Stand Out from Digital Competitors

In a digitally saturated world, your school needs a way to stand out in the crowd. We tap into your strengths and execute digital strategies that help you gain a competitive edge in the industry.

Southern Nazarene University Ditches the "Old School" Way

SmartBug Media® worked with Southern Nazarene University to revitalize the digital marketing strategy of the College of Professional and Graduate Studies. The new digital strategy implemented by SNU and SmartBug delivered impressive results almost immediately.

YOY increase in applications
YOY increase in organic traffic

How We Deliver Higher Education Marketing

We create smart, data-driven strategies and deliverables to power your education marketing goals. Our team weaves together the best of inbound marketing, web design, PR, paid search, creative, and more to elevate your brand and increase your program applicants.

SmartBug Education differentiators and strengths

The days of schools relying on billboards, radio ads, and word-of-mouth referrals are over.

Students are changing, and so are the marketing messages they respond to. The traditional marketing tactics universities have relied on for years simply don't cut it any longer.

Ready to level up your school's digital strategy? Let's talk about how working with a full service digital agency can help you reach your goals.

The Ultimate Guide for Higher Education to Achieve Inbound Marketing Success cover

The Ultimate Guide for Higher Education to Achieve Inbound Marketing Success

This guide will help you embrace inbound marketing and lead you to a digitally driven approach to reach students in those online spaces where they’re interacting most often.

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