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Improving ROI with Personalized Messaging in Health & Wellness

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Vitauthority is a wellness brand focused on helping people take health into their own hands through supplements, teas, and other nutritional products. They came to SmartBug Media® looking to increase monthly email revenue and build trust with consumers. Our team developed custom email flows, implemented pop-ups on the client’s site, and created ongoing monthly campaigns to establish Vitauthority’s authority and credibility within the industry.

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Proving Results with Social Proof

By showcasing user-generated content (UGC) and testimonials, we leveraged the client’s honest reviews to speed up the typical purchase cycle.

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Piquing Interest with Pop-Ups

Our team designed and implemented pop-ups on their site, incentivizing visitors to join their email list and providing more opportunities to engage.

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Optimizing Revenue with A/B Testing

We test email elements such as CTAs, subject lines, and imagery against each other to effectively strategize and learn audience preferences.

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Personalizing Brand Messaging

Building trust is imperative, so we revamped brand messaging to better position the brand as a leader in the health industry.

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Creating Year-Round Email Flows

In addition, we crafted a series of email flows designed to remain relevant any time of year and provide a tailored experience based on customer behavior.