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Architecting a Cohesive, UX-Driven Website Following an Acquisition

PetalMD website desktop view
PetalMD website tablet view
PetalMD website mobile view


PetalMD is designed with the help of healthcare industry stakeholders and offers software solutions that secure the exchange of information, optimize physician scheduling, streamline patient booking, improve on-call management, and simplify the medical billing process. In 2018, after acquiring Xacte, a leader in web and mobile medical billing technologies, PetalMD reached out to SmartBug Media® for a full website redesign. PetalMD wanted a new look that would be relevant to its buyer personas, as well as a refreshing of its information architecture to integrate Xacte’s offerings.

PetalMD comprehensive product pages 1 PetalMD comprehensive product pages 2

Delivering Clear, Meaningful Information

To simplify the user experience and clearly speak to each persona, we structured the site to avoid visual noise by creating crisp, clean, and comprehensive product pages.

PetalMD product mini page on desktop PetalMD product mini page on mobile

Helping Users Focus on Features

Each product mini page includes its own horizontal navigation bar that stays visible as site visitors scroll so they can focus on that specific product’s features, benefits, and more.

PetalMD intuitive site navigation on mobile 1 PetalMD intuitive site navigation on mobile 2

Creating Intuitive Site Navigation

Rather than using product names in the site navigation, our UX team found that implementing easy-to-understand terminology allows users to find what they’re looking for more easily.

PetalMD bilingual website experience

Offering a Bilingual Experience

With headquarters in Quebec, Canada, PetalMD’s website needed to be available in both English and French-Canadian. Users can now easily toggle between the two languages.

PetalMD software screenshots website tablet PetalMD software screenshots website mobile

Using Software Screenshots for Impact

We knew that images of PetalMD’s product would have high impact, so we used screenshots throughout the site to highlight the easy-to-use software’s clean user interface.

PetalMD custom website

Highlighting Benefits on Custom Pages

Custom product benefits pages highlight product benefits, statistics, and customer testimonials to help PetalMD’s buyer personas better understand PetalMD’s best-in-class solutions.