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Salesforce to HubSpot Migration + Nextech Integration Helps a Growing Cosmetic Surgery Practice Streamline Its Operations


SmartBug helped a rapidly expanding cosmetic surgery practice complete its HIPAA-compliant migration from Salesforce, integrate its electronic health record and customer relationship management systems, and lay the foundation to bring multiple current and future business units into a single HubSpot instance.

Key Highlights:

    • Successfully integrated NexTech and HubSpot in accordance with HIPAA regulations

    • Improved sales conversion rates by 60 percent after adopting HubSpot as their new CRM

    • Increased visibility into the lead pipeline, significantly reducing response time to prospects

    • Implemented custom CRM card functionality to display sensitive patient data without storing it

    • Automated key sales pipeline processes, substantially increasing the sales team’s productivity


The client, a successful cosmetic surgery and medspa services provider, is in the process of expanding its practice through a series of acquisitions. Originally, each business unit relied on its own tech stack, which created workflow inefficiencies and prevented the sales and marketing teams from having end-to-end visibility into the lead lifecycle.

As part of an effort to consolidate all of the disparate practices into a single brand, the client reached out to SmartBug for help migrating its business data from Salesforce to HubSpot while ensuring that the CRM properly integrated with Nextech, the client’s EHR system.

This project was more challenging than a standard migration because the client’s data had to be transferred, managed, and stored according to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations, which made the process more time-consuming and added the additional risk of incurring noncompliance penalties.


The Problem

Disparate CRM Systems and Lack of EHR Integration Reduce Visibility into the Buyers’ Journey and Increase HIPAA Compliance Risk 

Before working with SmartBug, the client had a complexity problem.

The flagship practice comprises seven separate cosmetic surgery and medspa locations. Six of the seven locations were using Salesforce, while one location was already on the HubSpot platform.

As part of its growth strategy, the client had recently hired several new plastic surgeons who were actively trying to build up their patient bases.

However, the lack of a unified, cross-location CRM and marketing platform hampered the client’s reporting and analytics capabilities, including the ability to track a customer through every stage of the buyer’s journey. This lack of insight negatively impacted the efficacy of the sales and marketing teams’ engagement and retention efforts.

To further complicate matters, Nextech had mysteriously stopped integrating with the client’s Salesforce instance, so reestablishing a working integration between the CRM and the EHR was a top priority. 

As a medical services provider, the client was required to maintain compliance with HIPAA regulations throughout the migration and integration processes and beyond. As a result, they were looking for a service provider that would prioritize patient data protection and work closely with the client’s leadership, legal, and compliance teams to determine down to the field level which data could be migrated and how to share data between Nextech and HubSpot while remaining compliant. 

With only two months to complete the migration from Salesforce to HubSpot—including architecture discovery, data migration, and user acceptance testing—the client needed a knowledgeable, experienced migration team it could trust to deliver on all of its requirements on an accelerated schedule.

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Our Solution

Salesforce to HubSpot Migration, Multi-Location Consolidation, and Reestablished EHR Integration Delivered On Time and In Compliance

Because of the fast-approaching deadline to complete the migration from Salesforce, the client originally reached out directly to HubSpot for help. HubSpot then recommended the client work with SmartBug, a HubSpot Elite Solutions Partner.

We worked closely with the client to understand what outcomes they wanted to achieve by migrating to HubSpot, discover how to maximize the integration between HubSpot and Nextech, and identify potential HIPAA speedbumps.

We used this insight to create a road map that would help the client reach its goals on schedule by providing:

  • Full migration from Salesforce to a single HubSpot instance 
  • A working Nextech integration
  • HIPAA compliance at every stage of the migration and integration

The Migration

During discovery, there was a lot of discussion about what counted as marketing data and what was private health information (PHI)—more specifically, what information the client was gathering up front through marketing activities versus what information was gathered via Nextech.

This helped us determine what information we could move between systems that wouldn’t necessarily be considered private, such as name, email, date of birth, and even procedures of interest if that information was captured by a marketing asset.

The entire process was highly collaborative. We worked with the client’s CIO and compliance team to understand from their perspective what information was protected and what wasn’t so we could give them what they needed without crossing a line.

The Integration

Once we reached consensus with the client about what was and was not PHI and began working on the integration, we consulted with the client’s legal counsel and compliance team to identify what information could be pulled from the EHR system.

One of the client’s primary goals was to be able to trace the customer journey from the time a lead submits a form to how many appointments they schedule to how many of those appointments converted into actual opportunities.

When we integrated Nextech with HubSpot, we built a short form in the HubSpot CRM where the prospect could provide minimal, non-PHI information: first name, last name, email, date of birth, and ZIP code, for example. After submitting the form, the prospect is added as a contact in HubSpot and is associated with a deal (i.e., the procedure they are interested in).

Scheduling an appointment triggers the creation of a patient record inside the Nextech system. When the status of the appointment changes to canceled, rescheduled, no show, or completed, the contact goes back into HubSpot—minus any HIPAA-sensitive information—where the deal owner receives an automated notification to follow up with the contact.

HubSpot HIPAA Compliance

The Results

Customized Automated Workflows and Full Visibility into the Customer Journey Help Increase Sales Conversion Rates by 60% After HubSpot Adoption

As the client continues to grow its business, bringing in leads and scheduling consultations with the new cosmetic surgeons is a key factor driving the business’s success.

Since migrating from Salesforce and integrating HubSpot and Nextech, the client has achieved:  

  • Full visibility into the entire buyer and customer journeys
  • Full team training and adoption of HubSpot
  • Six separate practices connected in one HubSpot instance
  • Closed-loop reporting
  • Automated sales processes
  • Working integration between HubSpot and Nextech

SmartBug helped the client navigate a complex migration and integration that consolidated multiple business lines and adhered to HIPAA regulations, all on an accelerated timeline. As a result, the client can customize automated workflows to each patient’s specific point in their journey and track conversions from first contact to booking a consult to scheduling a procedure.

As new acquisitions occur, the client can seamlessly scale its marketing and customer engagement efforts thanks to a unified HubSpot instance and its integration with Nextech.

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