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Collaborating to Create a Custom Website on a Short Timeline

Adlib Website Desktop View
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Adlib software offers businesses content intelligence and automation solutions that make it easy to discover, standardize, classify, extract, and leverage clean structured data from complex unstructured documents. They help their clients maximize the potential of their documents, content and people. Adlib first engaged SmartBug® for web strategy when they decided to relaunch their website. After seeing our UX strategy and enjoying collaboration from SmartBug’s web team, Adlib extended their engagement with us to create a new website—and they needed it within three months.

Adlib's Website UX Adlib Website UX Strategy

Starting with Sound UX Strategy

It started with a thoughtful and straightforward UX strategy based on the client’s personas, business goals and brand needs.

Adlib Custom Website

Staying Nimble and Creative

Without cutting corners, we supercharged our processes and created an aggressive, all-hands-on-deck plan to deliver a custom site on a short timeline.

Adlib's Website Design Typography

Meeting Design Challenges

We collaborated with our client to produce a branding mood board, while also executing interesting typography and curved design elements.