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Bleakley Financial Group

Creating a Modern Website for a New Jersey-Based Financial Advisory Firm

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Bleakley Financial Group is a New Jersey-based financial advisory firm that offers customized financial planning, retirement planning, business-related planning, and wealth management services to a diverse array of clients across the country. With more than 30 years of experience, it prides itself on offering personalized expertise. The Bleakley team consists of more than 100 investment professionals, from financial advisors and research assistants to client support associates. 

When the Bleakley team approached SmartBug®, they were looking to streamline their site, improve the visitor experience, and create a resource for members and visitors in need of financial advisory services. SmartBug accomplished these goals by reducing repetitive content, simplifying the contact process, and highlighting Bleakley Financial Group’s many areas of expertise. 

Bleakley Financial Streamlined Content Bleakley's Streamlined Content

Streamlined Content

Reduced the overall number of pages included on the Bleakley Financial Group website by streamlining and condensing repetitive information

Bleakley's Updated Graphics

Updated Graphics

Built upon Bleakley’s established brand and logo and modernized the overall look and feel of the website through color scheme, design, and graphics

Bleakley Financial Employee Directory Page

Simplified Employee Directory Page

Highlighted the diversity of employee expertise with an easy-to-use directory of employees