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Crafting a Meaningful UX for Seniors with Vibrant Colors and Crisp Fonts



HumanGood is one of the nation’s largest nonprofit providers of housing and services for nearly 10,000 older adults across six states. Founded 70 years ago as American Baptist Homes of the West (ABHOW), the organization merged with senior housing provider in 2017 to form HumanGood. With the merger, HumanGood needed a website to reflect its new vibrant brand. We created hundreds of crisp pages to showcase both the parent company and its dozens of unique senior living communities—and to provide seniors and their loved ones with a meaningful user experience.

1-HumanGood-double-desktop-slideA 1-HumanGood-double-desktop-slideB

Highlighting Community Culture

We used bold lifestyle photography to highlight each community’s unique residents and campus culture.


Creating an Experience for Seniors

Colorful, pastel gradients and easy-to-read fonts were chosen to provide an enjoyable user experience for seniors and their loved ones.

3-HumanGood-double-desktop-slideA 3-HumanGood-double-desktop-slideB

Building the HumanGood Experience

Using HubSpot’s CMS, we consolidated 18 senior living communities—as well as dozens of sites for affordable housing senior communities—to create more than 500 website pages.

4-HumanGood-tablet-overlap-slide1 4-HumanGood-mobile-overlap-slide1

Navigating Communities with HubDB

We used HubDB to help organize communities by state and type of living option in order to direct site visitors to the right HumanGood community site.

5-HumanGood-tablet-overlap-slide1 5-HumanGood-mobile-overlap-slide1

Storytelling with a Pillar Page

To celebrate the merging of these two well-known senior living organizations, we created a sweeping pillar page template to celebrate their rich histories and introduce the new HumanGood brand.


Helping Seniors with a Custom Quiz

Moving to a senior living community can be overwhelming. We built the Quality of Life Quiz to help older adults decide which type of senior living makes the most sense.