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HubSpot CRM Cleanup and Standardization Enables Streamlined Sales and Marketing


Juno Health is a healthcare technology company that provides EHR (electronic health record) software solutions that transform the way clinical teams customize their workflows and deliver patient care. They came to SmartBug Media for marketing support, but first, the company needed to reconfigure their HubSpot portal to help effectively execute inbound campaigns.

Key Metrics:

  • Removed numerous duplicate company and contact records to ensure the database was accurate and healthy for sales and marketing. 

  • Gained 100 percent adoption of HubSpot usage across the sales and marketing teams, complete with processes and KPI monitoring tactics to measure performance.


Wanting to get an edge in the competitive EHR software market, Juno Health approached SmartBug Media for best-of-the-best marketing support. As a strategic partner, SmartBug® sometimes helps clients interpret their own needs—and the team quickly realized the opportunity for deeper foundational work to set the stage for marketing. Understanding this value, the Juno Health team tasked us with acting as their CRM administrator—or “CRM Sherpa,” as they came to call us—cleaning up their CRM to bring digital and hardcopy sales activity records together, eliminate duplicates, and streamline workflows to support marketing and sales.

Juno Health, healthcare employee

The Problem

Data Inconsistencies Put Marketing on Hold

With an end goal of inbound marketing, Juno Health needed to realign its priorities to ensure success. Our team emphasized the importance of conducting data cleanup before embarking on marketing activities, putting the client’s CRM health first. 

In its initial state, the CRM didn’t organize data efficiently. The client operated as a sales-led organization and was following guidance from a partner that didn’t know their CRM—making it difficult to leverage data to inform campaigns. 

Knowing that SmartBug understands diverse marketing challenges, Juno Health knocked on our front door. The goal? To move away from the old and build a foundation for digital success. We started with a database audit to streamline records and lay the groundwork for new processes, but kept building momentum. 

Our marketing team took the wheel to drive revenue operations, helping Juno Health make a complete 180-degree shift in strategy. This included moving from Squarespace to HubSpot for their Content Management System (CMS)—even merging multiple product URLs into one. 

SmartBug does a really good job of understanding how to best utilize and maximize our budget...I know if they're working with me on something and their team's managing it, I'm confident in moving forward with it because they're looking after our best interests."

Ryan Pfister
Sr. Manager of Brand Strategy and Marketing
Juno Health, healthcare employees discussing CRM Juno Health, healthcare employees working through contact records in HubSpot

Our Solution

Disjointed CRM Meets HubSpot Automation

  • Transitioned from ABM to inbound-focused workflows
  • Cleaned up duplicate properties
  • Facilitated complete HubSpot adoption
  • Implemented contact record must-haves
  • Developed sales enablement playbook

SmartBug went to work to provide a complete analysis and overhaul of Juno Health’s CRM, including facilitating full sales team training and adoption of HubSpot.

Step 1: Audit Current State of HubSpot

Observing the existing state of the CRM, we knew there were opportunities to help Juno Health better leverage its data. So SmartBug dove headfirst into the client’s HubSpot instance to explore pain points and develop sound strategies. 

The team began by tightening CRM processes. This meant taking a fresh approach to lead routing, creating workflows, defining lifecycle stages, developing custom fields, recreating forms, auditing and updating lists, and refining the list load process. But having a useful CRM also means maintaining valuable contacts, so cleaning up duplicate records became a high priority, too. 

Step 2: Onboard Sales in HubSpot and Gain 100% Adoption

What do sales and marketing look like for Juno Health every day? SmartBug needed to find out in order to provide strategic guidance, so the team did a few things: completed a sales process audit to establish the building blocks for optimization and used that intel to create and implement a new sales and marketing SLA. 

The result? A go-to Sales Enablement Playbook for the Juno Health sales team. In it, we defined the sales process, including goals and KPIs for individual reps.

We put the Playbook into practice inside the HubSpot CRM and gained full team buy-in on the new process. Sales and marketing now had reporting dashboards for tracking territory lead routing, lead statuses, and deal pipeline stages. And to optimize the sales team further, the team developed sequence templates for sales to easily execute on.

The Results

CRM Cleanup and Platform Processes Pave the Way for Marketing Initiatives

Thanks to SmartBug’s HubSpot CRM cleanup and efforts to fully integrate platform processes, Juno Health can better harness its data.

Sales and marketing have a centralized system that eliminates hardcopy record keeping and duplicate records, manages sales processes, and organizes lead and pipeline data. Numerous steps set the stage for future marketing efforts:

  • Deleted numerous duplicate contact and company records
  • Completed foundational work to support marketing
  • Enhanced accuracy of targeting for marketing
  • Simplified HubSpot CRM data to save time and enable activity tracking for sales

By focusing on table stakes marketing opportunities and addressing CRM inefficiencies out of the gate, Juno Health put the pieces in place for big-picture marketing. It was the strategic step they needed to measure larger data-driven marketing tactics.

SmartBug provided foundational work inside HubSpot and helped formulate best practices and sales processes to leverage inside the platform. With our expertise, we were able to clean up data, onboard sales personnel into HubSpot, and set Juno Health up for a fruitful long-term marketing partnership.

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