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Constructing an Inviting Content Hub for More Shares and Support

CatholicMom Website Tablet View
CatholicMom Website Tablet View
CatholicMom Website Mobile View


CatholicMom provides a network for women to connect with other women, share ideas, get support, and find encouragement in everyday Catholic living. The organization came to SmartBug Media® in order to reach more moms, strengthen its brand, and establish itself as the go-to site for daily connection and support. SmartBug® built a fresh, clean content hub—created to invite visitors, promote shares, and propel traffic.

CatholicMom Clean Design CatholicMom Clean Design - Mobile

Creating a Fresh, Inviting Feel

In order to make moms feel welcome, we incorporated bright images and crafted a clean, modern, whimsical design.

CatholicMom Content Hub CatholicMom Content Hub - Mobile

Building an Organized Content Hub

CatholicMom’s blog features 200+ writers on a daily basis. So we organized a layout that displays content beautifully, without clutter.

CatholicMom Auto-Populating Homepage
CatholicMom Auto-Populating Homepage 2

Lifting Work Off the Client

We constructed an auto-populating homepage that simplifies uploads. It automatically manages posts and displays fresh content.

CatholicMom Click to Tweet

Sparking Shares Through Design

To encourage more shares and reach more visitors, we baked “Click to Tweet” features and shareable quotes into blog posts.