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Supercharge Your Pipeline
Converting Leads into Loyal Customers

Fusing Inbound Strategy + HubSpot Functionality

Established 40 years ago in Quebec, Canada, PolyAlto Group is the largest plastic distributor and manufacturer in Eastern Canada. With 110 employees across two branches, the company distributes and manufactures plastic materials for the resources, manufacturing, and food and beverage industries.



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Optimize Inbound Strategy

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Encourage Strategy Adoption

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Align Sales and Marketing

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Increase Customer Conversions

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Our Solutions

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Marketing Support

SmartBug helped PolyAlto improve its digital marketing strategies by providing professional support tailored to the company's business needs, goals, and challenges.

Through video conferences, our team met with sales and marketing managers to emphasize the importance and impact of optimized marketing strategies and help them maximize their use of HubSpot tools.

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Inbound Guidance

Our team guided the creation of inbound personas and the establishment of buyers' journeys to ensure quality content aligned with the target audience's needs.

With the inbound content strategy in place, PolyAlto educated people during the pandemic, refining their approach with HubSpot tools for enhanced efficiency and online presence.

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Team Alignment

To implement the inbound strategy effectively, PolyAlto fostered collaboration between its sales and marketing teams.

SmartBug facilitated improved teamwork with sales supporting marketing in content creation to attract qualified leads. We provided feedback to refine nurturing plans, ultimately enhancing conversion and promotion.

Platform Used:



Essential HubSpot Tools:

  • Blog management improved content targeting and boosted rankings.
  • Marketing automation enhanced customer experience.
  • Task management improved organization.
  • Landing page creation helped acquire new prospects and contacts.
  • The form tool enhanced prospect qualification and feedback collection.
  • Sales pipeline automation simplified and optimized the work of the sales management team.
  • The email tool streamlined newsletter creation and offer presentation.

The Results

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Thanks to its existing online presence, PolyAlto’s new leads surged during the increased demand for plastic products caused by the pandemic.

PolyAlto's improved inbound marketing strategy and optimal use of HubSpot tools enabled the company to collect valuable information on new leads and transform those leads into customers. In addition, its perfected SEO and content strategy led to user conversions by the sales team.

Paid efforts yielded 184k impressions and 10,500 clicks, achieving a 10-year reach in two months.

Our Metrics of Success

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35.9 M
Impressions in Two Months
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Blog Visits
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70 K
Landing Page Views in Two Months
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67 K
Emails Sent Using HubSpot
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$ 200 K+
In Online Sales
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