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How Using Video Is Going to Bring in Money for Our Client’s Kickstarter Campaign

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SYNC Performance is a brand built for the mountain athlete, and every product is formed on that foundation. In 2014, SYNC executed a successful Kickstarter campaign for its Stretch Puffy Jacket, an innovative product at the time. In 2017, the company did another successful Kickstarter campaign for mountain luggage. As the company evolved the technology behind its Stretch Puffy Jacket, a third Kickstarter was on the horizon for its Engineered Down Ski Jacket made specifically for skiers. 

This video was created to highlight the quality of SYNC's craftsmanship and the thoughtfulness behind the technology of its new down ski jacket—and to encourage fans to buy a jacket and support the company. SYNC achieved and far surpassed its Kickstarter campaign goals within just eight hours after launching.