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Service Fusion

Giving a Field Service Software Company a Voice in a Time Crunch

Service Fusion website on desktop
Service Fusion website on tablet
Service Fusion website on mobile


Service Fusion is an all-in-one field service management software provider designed to consolidate multiple systems into one streamlined platform. Its technology helps users lower operational costs and increase repeat business. Service Fusion came to SmartBug® in urgent need of a website redesign—within a tight timeline and under a realistic budget. It needed to connect with customers and educate potential buyers. We created a site that helps awareness-stage prospects understand exactly how field service management software works and clearly shows them how it fits their goals. It showcases topics that hit home and fluently address prospects’ biggest pain points.

Service Fusion flexible site architecture

Setting the Table for Expansion

We built a flexible site architecture that leaves room to easily scale content. It let us quickly lay the groundwork for even richer content in the future.

Why choose Service Fusion on desktop

Connecting Customers to Relatable Content

Learning-focused features, like the “Why Service Fusion” page, teach prospects why they can’t go without Service Fusion solutions.

Service Fusion desktop view Service Fusion mobile view

Highlighting Features to Drive Action

A clean features page makes decision-making easy. It prioritizes key features and displays them to maximize impact.

Service Fusion custom CTA on tablet

Crafting CTAs to Inspire Conversions

Custom CTAs are bold and coupled with stats to inspire confident conversions.

Service Fusion product screenshot Service Fusion product screenshots

Layout that Commands Attention

Product screenshots are laid out in an eye-catching pattern. Along the way, call-outs highlight specific features in a stimulating image collage.


Delivering Results

The Service Fusion site experienced a 32% increase in total traffic year-over-year since launching. Key pages such as the Contact page received a nearly 5,000% increase in visits.