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Animated Infographic Brings Numbers to Life to Deepen Engagement

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Allbound offers a powerful partner relationship management (PRM) and channel management solution. When the company gave us a handful of data to help support its business case and software, there were a few ways we could have presented the information. Ultimately, video offered the best way to turn the dry facts and figures into a cool and engaging animated infographic with an energetic music track.

Because there was no script to voice-over, it was important that the imagery and movement worked well together to present the statistics in an engaging way. Allbound also wanted to take into consideration the way the video would be distributed in order to ensure that it would be usable across its social media accounts.

Allbound's marketing department said the video was a home run, because it took a piece of paper with numbers on it and turned it into a lively moving infographic that could be used in endless ways.