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CFMOTO Canada is the exclusive distributor of CFMOTO ATVs, UTVs, and motorcycles in Canada. For this project, SmartBug Media joined forces with both CFMOTO and Raven Media, a Quebec-based editorial agency, to drive web traffic, boost newsletter subscriptions, and nurture the customer base of both of these industry leaders.


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Accelerate CPM Achievement

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Increase Newsletter Subscribers

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Attract New Fans

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Audience Expansion

Given the existing relationship between Raven Media and CFMOTO—and SmartBug's role as their inbound strategy partner—collaboration on this project was a natural choice for both enterprises.

To maximize efficiency and relevance, SmartBug opted to streamline efforts across both projects. Avoiding duplication of actions and social feed saturation was mutually beneficial.

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Ambitious Objectives

One key objective was to increase both companies' subscriber bases by 50,000 within a four-month time frame.

Precision targeting was vital, given CFMOTO's exclusive Canadian distribution and the introduction of a new ATV model, CFORCE 1000 Overland. As part of CFMOTO's outreach, we targeted a fully new persona.

Raven Media's targeting was less stringent, but confirming interest in motorized sports was essential to drive new subscription sales.

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Strategy Adoption

CFMOTO's familiarity with vehicle penetration in Canada led to initial hesitancy among decision makers regarding SmartBug's proposed strategies.

Although similar to those proposed by past agencies, SmartBug's solution stood out thanks to HubSpot's unique touch. Our strategy proved to be transformative in achieving exceptional results.

Solution and Results

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A Joint Contest

A joint pan-Canadian contest was launched targeting ATV enthusiasts. The prize: CFMOTO Canada's new CFORCE 1000 Overland. CFMOTO provided the grand prize and promotional visuals, and Raven Media leveraged communication channels to expand the contest's reach through social media and advertisements.

The innovative approach engaged not only the one winner but also 49,999 other participants, enabling remarketing for magazine subscriptions and dealership traffic. The contest entry form gathered demographic data to refine future targeting efforts.

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Global Results

In just four months, SmartBug empowered CFMOTO and Raven Media with high-performance tools via HubSpot, surpassing expectations with nearly 50,000 new contacts.

This collaboration enhanced client data collection, facilitating personalized content delivery and sales—which resulted in increased subscribers and clients. HubSpot's utility extended to streamlining work processes, communication, performance measurement, and campaign oversight.

CFMOTO Success Metrics

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New Contacts
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14 M
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223 %
Increase in Traffic

Raven Media Success Metrics

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13 x
More Contacts
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35000 +
Contacts Reached
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99.8 %
Increase in Potential Subscribers
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