Whether you're an OEM, distributor, or manufacturer, our Intelligent Inbound® approach to marketing can help you attract prospects and nurture them into customers.

How We Help

Craft Persona-Driven Content

Buyers and engineers don’t pick their distribution and manufacturing partners on a whim. With your customer’s intent in mind, we’ll create a data-driven content strategy that delivers the right content to the right people at the right time in their buying journey.

Increase Leads and Revenue

Amazon accounts for nearly 37 percent of U.S. e-commerce sales, and manufacturing businesses have to work hard to compete. We’ll deliver an all-inclusive marketing strategy to increase site traffic, shorten the sales cycle, and turn leads into customers. 

Optimize Your Resources

Help your teams get back to what they do best and leave the rest to us. We’ll build a marketing strategy catered to your industry that features powerful marketing automation, saving you time, maximizing your investment, reducing costs, and growing revenue.

Nurture Leads and Build Trust

Not everyone is ready to sign, and there’s no reason to ever lose a lead. We’ll help you leverage automation throughout the sales cycle for following up with and nurturing leads after expos, trade shows, demos, website downloads, and more.

Realizing Incredible Growth with Inbound Marketing

With website optimization, blog and premium content offer creation, and lead capture organization, Bay Supply experienced explosive growth.

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increase in organic blog traffic
increase in website orders in 2018

What Our Clients Say

The SmartBug team is extremely friendly, intelligent, and hardworking. Every time I communicate with the team members at SmartBug, even if I am just making some off-the-cuff remark about the work I do, they always respond in a way that shows they are sincerely interested in the company's well-being and that they want to do as much as possible to make our marketing strategy more effective. They are extremely responsible and are willing to listen to any ideas and suggestions that I have to offer, and although they are certainly more knowledgeable about inbound marketing than I am, they have always treated me as their equal. They've become a part of our family here at Ciralight, and we've all been so happy to work with them!”

Kelsey Brain


Great to work with. They do what they say they will and are forward thinkers on how to maximize our HubSpot leads. I would give them 10 stars if I could.”

Jeff Brain

CEO, Ciralight

Digital marketing strategy has to revolve around customer communication, including making sure that they’ve had a positive experience. SmartBug has the know-how and execution skills that allow us to achieve amazing results and sustain growth and dominance in our business categories while enriching the customer's experience. Working with SmartBug has made a big difference in the results we get from our digital marketing efforts and they truly embrace the concept of partnership and understanding our business, our customers and our needs. It's been one of the best choices we have made in our overall marketing strategy to date.”

Cliff Bernard

Bay Fastening Systems

How We Do It for the Manufacturing Industry

At SmartBug Media®, Intelligent Inbound® marketing is built on smart, data-oriented strategies and complementary deliverables. With inbound marketing, web design, PR, sales enablement, paid search, SEO, creative, and more, our approach is flexible, scalable, and built for increasing leads, growing revenue, and establishing brand authority.

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Marketing automation is only as effective as your marketing strategy and infrastructure are strong. We’ve got the expertise to craft an Intelligent Inbound strategy that complements and leverages the systems and processes you’ve come to rely on every day.

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Manufacturers may be a dime a dozen, but what your business does and how it does it are truly exceptional. We’ll tap into that unique value proposition and help you stand out in a crowded marketplace flush with untapped potential by crafting persona-driven content that converts at every stage of the Buyer’s Journey.

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Inbound marketing and the manufacturing industry were made for each other. With its comprehensive, data-driven approach, inbound marketing turns visitors into leads and leads into customers by maximizing marketing ROI and helping your sales team close business faster.

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We’ve Got the Expertise—and the Accolades

We’ve worked with manufacturing companies large and small. We’re also globally recognized experts in Intelligent Inbound marketing, marketing automation, and sales enablement. From achieving brand differentiation to implementing marketing automation, we deliver best-in-class inbound marketing strategies focused on the customer experience.

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Inbound Marketing Quick Wins for Lead Generation in Manufacturing

Inbound Marketing Quick Wins for Lead Generation in Manufacturing

Whether you make hardware, paper products, or appliances, creating content with the intent of lead generation for your manufacturing company can establish a more sustainable system for filling your funnel—without relying on short-term campaigns or events like trade shows.

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Quick Wins for Lead Generation in Manufacturing

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