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Andrew Reise

Putting Customer Loyalty Within Reach

Andrew Reise SmartBug work example
Andrew Reise SmartBug work example


Andrew Reise is a full-service management consulting firm specializing in strategy, voice of the customer, project/program management, and subscription services with a deep focus on customer experience to tie it all together. Andrew Reise’s mission? To better the lives of clients, colleagues, and communities.

But working with a consultant is all about personality and confidence. Andrew Reise enlisted SmartBug Media® to create an infographic that quickly distills the brand’s unique operating philosophy to help prospects understand the Andrew Reise Experience and feel confident in their process.

Andrew Reise SmartBug work example Andrew Reise SmartBug work example

Balanced Visual Aesthetic

Sometimes real life resonates most. That’s certainly true for Andrew Reise, which rarely uses illustrations in its collateral or website in favor of photography. But the infographic needed to do something surprising to catch more eyes, so it
combines images and illustrations to push established boundaries and create a refreshing piece of work that remains true to brand standards.

Andrew Reise SmartBug work example

Defined Value Journey

The infographic is intended to help Andrew Reise’s clients and prospects understand how the company can take them from A to Z. What better way than to lay it out as a step-by-step process? The centerpiece of the asset shows Andrew Reise’s strategy as a linear road map with custom graphics and information at each stop, helping readers understand how to create customer loyalty.

Andrew Reise SmartBug work example

Clear Social Proof

“I’ll believe it when I see it.” Most people adopt that attitude when they’re in the market for new products or services, and Andrew Reise understands that. So the piece features multiple client testimonials, lending legitimacy to the company’s expertise. Each is laid out inside its own module to highlight specific attributes and successes.