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How SmartBug Helped a Global Technology and Supply Chain Company Increase Traffic and Leads


A Fortune 500 company that helps businesses realize the promise of technology by delivering a full spectrum of global technology and supply chain services looked to us for a website design to increase traffic and leads to its advisor website.

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Leads Grew


Traffic Grew


Traffic Grew



We were tasked with redesigning the website of their client, Ingram Micro, a Fortune 500 company that helps businesses realize the promise of technology by delivering a full spectrum of global technology and supply chain services.

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The Problem

Adding Content Without Clutter

The team at Ingram Micro approached us with an overall goal of transforming its website into an educational vehicle that provided thought leadership for different technologies. Ingram Micro wanted to continue adding new blogs and pieces of premium content from its different lines of business, but in order to do this, it needed a cohesive platform on which it could post additional content without cluttering the site and creating difficult site navigation.

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Eddie Cervera
Senior Manager, Demand Generation, Ingram Micro
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Our Solution

How we helped

  • Website Design Consulting
  • Website Development
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Blogging
  • Premium Content Offers
  • Conversion Paths
  • Full-Service Inbound Marketing

Using the HubSpot COS, we transformed the website into the magazine layout you see today. This allowed Ingram Micro to continue to add more company and manufacturer divisions to the site seamlessly, without losing its slick and easy-to-navigate look and feel.


Features of the New Website

  • A visually appealing site design: Although there is a tremendous amount of content on the site, users can navigate it with ease and find what they are looking for within seconds.
  • Smart content: The site has many blog subscribers and repeat visitors. Using the HubSpot COS, we created smart CTAs and landing pages across the entire site to satisfy the needs of returning visitors.
  • Strategic CTA positioning: Though the bread and butter of the site is blogging, the purpose of creating content is to generate leads. We developed unique CTA placements across the site so visitors have a chance to convert, no matter where they look.
  • User-friendly navigation: There are currently 15 divisions (and growing) feeding individual blogs into the site. Although this could easily feel cluttered, we avoided the mess with the magazine layout, which makes the content easy on the eyes for users and easy to navigate.
  • Responsive web design: Using the HubSpot COS, we were able to effortlessly transfer the look and feel from a desktop version to mobile devices, thus making it easy for users to follow the content while on the go. 

The Results

Increasing Traffic and Leads, and the Beginning of an Industry Magazine

When the site launched we saw immediate results. Within the first month there was a:

  • 27% increase in total visits
  • 22% increase in total leads

Not only was this greatest number of site visits and leads to date, but visits and leads from organic traffic specifically also saw a record breaking month:

  • 154% increase in visits
  • 90% increase in leads


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