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Inbound Strategy Camp

Bringing an On-Demand, Immersive Workshop to Marketers



Designed by HubSpot Content Professor Justin Champion, Inbound Strategy Camp is an on-demand workshop for marketers to learn how to create long-term inbound marketing strategies for their businesses. After recent success with his Wild We Wander digital nomad site, Justin wanted to develop an immersive, on-demand resource for inbound marketers. SmartBug Media® worked with Justin to build a website that not only explained Inbound Strategy Camp’s mission, but also provided participants a fully immersive workshop experience from anywhere in the world.

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Collaborating for Success

Working closely with Justin, we refined his rough outline and wireframes for pages—based on his needs and goals for the website—in order to execute his vision.


Creating a New Brand

As a new venture, Inbound Strategy Camp didn’t have an existing brand. We created a simple logo and incorporated colors and fonts from Justin’s other website, Wild We Wander.


The Value of Video

The new website uses large, full-width video content that engages visitors and encourages learning.

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A Sticky Strategy

Secondary sticky navigation is used on longer pages to jump to relevant content and allow users to more easily explore the website.