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Move Smartly

Educating Readers on Smarter Real Estate

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Move Smartly is a blog website that helps consumers make better real estate decisions. Focused on the greater Toronto area, Move Smartly provides a trusted source of thought leadership content through articles, reports, and guides. Besides the website design, SmartBug Media® created the Move Smartly logo—a design which aligns with the brand qualities of its parent site, Realosophy. Unlike typical blogs, Move Smartly’s clean and minimalistic site includes various-sized content containers, thus creating interest on the main page while showcasing various types of content.

MoveSmartly desktop first unique look MoveSmartly desktop second unique look

A Unique Look

We combined existing content (in reorganized categories) with a restructured user interface design and layout to create a better blog architecture.

MoveSmartly homepage on desktop MoveSmartly homepage on mobile

Creating a Homepage

The newly added homepage uses a magazine-style layout that emphasizes visual elements and typography and carefully balances negative space and full-bleed imagery.

MoveSmartly mobile website 1 MoveSmartly mobile website 2

Designed for Easy Updates

The homepage was built to be easily updated and always look good—even if the person updating it isn’t familiar with basic design principles.

MoveSmartly magazine-style digital publication

Mobile and Marvelous

The mobile layout is responsive and stays true to the original intent to turn Move Smartly into a magazine-style digital publication.

MoveSmartly visual categories MoveSmartly visual categories on mobile

Looking the Part

The visual categories at the top of the page look less like a blog and more like an expensive real estate website focusing on a variety of authoritative topics.