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Bringing a Brand’s Image to Life While Showcasing Services

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Think|Stack is a technology brand that specializes in cloud and cybersecurity services and is based on human-centered design. Since 2011, Think|Stack has used a combination of technology and people-first values to help organizations realize the right mix of security and innovation. Think|Stack approached SmartBug Media® to develop a website that brought its brand to life through custom illustrations, intuitive design, and streamlined copy to better showcase its services and demonstrate its unique, trust-driven partnership style. The website was republished with fresh custom illustrations, a remapped structure, and updated copy. Now, Think|Stack is better able to speak to its target customers and explain its wide range of technology services.

ThinkStack's Custom Illustrations ThinkStack's Eye-Catching Custom Illustrations

Eye-Catching Custom Illustrations

Custom illustrations offer a unique way to showcase Think|Stack’s services and values while remaining approachable and professional.

ThinkStack's Intuitive Website Design

Intuitive Website Design

Reshaping the website’s structure gives customers the ability to easily learn about Think|Stack’s services and find the information they need.

ThinkStack's Website Copy ThinkStack's Impactful Website Copy

Fresh, Impactful Website Copy

Our team overlaid streamlined and more direct copy to match the new website structure, helping to better tell Think|Stack’s story.

ThinkStack's Reinvigorated Brand

Reinvigorated Brand Presentation

Our team worked closely with the client to capture and understand its brand, and we wove Think|Stack’s voice, values, and vision into every part of its new website.