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Overcoming CX Challenges with Engaging Infographics



California-based company Innervate (formerly RevJet) creates dynamic customer experiences to help teams uncover better ways to work together and build better outcomes. But “customer experience”—or CX—brings to mind everything from tech tools to collaboration. To showcase their experience, Innervate worked with SmartBug Media® to create an infographic highlighting common CX challenges—complete with four solutions that Innervate offers to overcome them. 

But the client had a unique dilemma: RevJet was in the midst of its rebrand to Innervate, and would look and feel much different in a few months’ time. Still, they wanted to move forward with the RevJet-branded piece before the change. Keeping this in mind, SmartBug Media® crafted an infographic with a combination of illustrations and data to visualize CX challenges in a digestible way.

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Focus on Data

You can’t have an infographic without the info.This piece highlights key data points with both engaging graphics and relevant iconography to set up the challenges companies face and what they can gain from Innervate’s solutions.


Graphics that Amplify

Wall of text? Nope! Breakout graphics add visual interest to the infographic, breaking up copy and supporting the data. 

4-innervate-bottom-tp3_6.30 4-innervate-top-tp3_6.30

2x the Designs

Old meets new. The design team kept the rebrand in mind from the outset, taking note of how colors, fonts, and layouts would have to change for the new brand’s updated infographic.