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Crafting a Caring Story for a Digital Therapeutics Brand

Oleena website on desktop
Oleena website on tablet
Oleena website on mobile


Oleena™ is the first-ever digital therapeutics platform in oncology for patients and their care teams. Its web technologies enable self-management of symptoms, remote monitoring by care teams, and personalized recommendations for patients based on evidence-based algorithms. Oleena came to SmartBug® in need of a one-page layout that spoke to healthcare professionals and patients. We built a site that simplified Oleena’s messages and broke down exactly how its platform works. The website takes a complex product and tells an easy-to-understand story with the help of a fluent, customer-centered design.

Oleena homepage on desktop

Illustrating Through Simplicity

We used platform screenshots to tell a clear, informative story. “The Oleena Journey” is linear and clear. It breaks down Oleena, step by step.

Oleena messaging on desktop Oleena messaging on mobile

Care-Based Design

We echoed Oleena’s care-centric message with warm, inviting visuals throughout the design.

Oleena personas on tablet

Personalized Touches

Pages speak to each unique customer persona through features like the “Who It Helps” section.

4-Oleena-double-desktop-slideA 4-Oleena-double-desktop-slideB

Brand-Focused Design and UX

With empathetic language, inviting tones, and easy navigation, the brand’s core messages reverberate throughout the site’s custom design.