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Global Guardian

Delivering a Clearer Value Proposition and Path to Conversion

Global Guardian Website on Desktop
Global Guardian Website on Tablet
Global Guardian Website on Mobile


Global Guardian was founded to enhance the safety and security of domestic and international travelers by providing response services from vetted, tested, and trained on-the-ground teams in more than 100 countries. The company needed a new website to more clearly deliver its value proposition and present its personal and corporate products. SmartBug Media® built a beautifully designed and flexible website that could efficiently move buyers along the path to conversion and educate visitors about Global Guardian’s solutions.

Global Guardian Website 1-GlobalGuardian-mobile-overlap-slide1

Focusing on Flexibility

Building a complex and fully loaded website for Global Guardian required continuous communication, attention to detail, and plenty of flexibility.

Global Guardian Visual Narrative

Weaving a Visual Narrative

Each solution has its own related icon, which was woven into the page design to create a fluid and consistent experience.

Global Guardian Custom Map

Mapping Client Solutions

We built a custom map with color-coded countries to highlight Global Guardian’s coverage areas. The pulsating dots draw attention to relevant case studies.

Global Guardian Pricing Table on Tablet Global Guardian Pricing Table on Mobile

Transforming Visitors into Customers

In order to move prospects through the buying journey more efficiently, we built a pricing table that is concise and easy to use.

Global Guardian Custom Membership Solutions
Global Guardian Custom Membership Card

Creating Custom Membership Solutions

We crafted custom email templates and a membership workflow featuring a downloadable PDF membership card for Global Guardian members.