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Fields PLLC Law Firm

Showcasing Legal Expertise in the Social and Economic Sectors

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When law firm Fields PLLC approached SmartBug Media®, the firm had big goals of finding new cases to net a significant increase in ROI and maximize recovery in each case. In order to do this, the Fields PLLC team needed a website overhaul to attract new clients and showcase their legal expertise. 

The team at SmartBug® was charged with developing a fresh, cohesive site based on templated wireframes. Using clever animations on top of CTAs, resource links, and iconography, our design and development teams were able to create a custom and professional look that’s built to scale as the law firm continues to grow. 

Now, visitors can quickly access background information about the firm itself, lawyer bios, areas of legal expertise, news, and resources. The new site’s navigation menu allows visitors to get the information they need and get in touch with the firm directly in just a few clicks. 

Fields PLLC law firm web design desktop page

Animated Icons and CTAs

Subtle animations alert users to engage with content and to take action in the form of contacting the team at Fields PLLC law practice.

Fields PLLC lawn firm web design desktop page view Fields PLLC lawn firm web design mobile page view

Custom Look on Templated Pages

Custom design elements were carried across all pages so that even templated pages retain a cohesive, streamlined custom aesthetic.

Fields PLLC law firm web design desktop page view

Robust Resource Library and Newsroom

New visitors can learn more about the law practice and areas of expertise by navigating to Fields’ resource library and newsroom, filled with tips and timely legal insights.