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Aligning a Software Website with Its Future-Focused Technology

eConnect website design desktop view
eConnect website design tablet view
eConnect website design mobile view


eConnect is a global leader in intelligent software solutions that automate processes in the gaming and hospitality industries. The company’s AI and facial recognition products integrate with all major gaming, hospitality, and surveillance systems, providing data and video analytics to improve profitability and mitigate risk. 


eConnect knew its website didn’t align with its brand or modern web standards and wanted to improve performance. Although the company initially approached SmartBug Media® for Intelligent Inbound® marketing services, eConnect soon decided a modern website could amplify its inbound efforts. With a planned shift from selling products to selling solutions, this strategy made even more sense.

SmartBug® created a new HubSpot website, complete with a custom homepage, an interactive graphic, and new content. The site’s clean and modern design represents eConnect’s future-focused technology.

EConnect website design tablet view

Interactive Graphic

eConnect’s interactive graphic explains the software, adding clarity and enhancing inbound marketing with graphics that are also used in emails and on landing pages.

eConnect website design desktop view eConnect website design mobile view

Linear Sitemap

eConnect’s original website wasn’t linear. The new site features restructured and revised content to make the hierarchy and sitemap intuitive for web crawlers.

eConnect website design desktop view

Clearly Defined Visual Brand

eConnect’s visual brand started out a little murky. New visual elements for the website strengthened eConnect’s identity and elevated its inbound assets.