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Services Overview

Our full service digital marketing agency delivers strategy to every corner of your ecosystem.

“We needed a digital agency with the ability to enable sales with a cohesive strategy. SmartBug does a good job of understanding the request and then asking the right questions.”

Yoni Lavi, CEO of Qtrac

The Only Digital Agency You’ll Ever Need

Success starts with the perfect marketing campaign. With results-driven strategies, next-level technologies, and passionate marketing pros, we’ve got the services and expertise to deliver campaigns that work.

Inbound Marketing Illustration

Inbound and Account-Based Marketing

You shouldn’t be winging it with your digital marketing efforts. Our flexible and data-driven approach to Intelligent Inbound® marketing increases leads, grows revenue, and boosts brand authority.

E-Commerce Marketing Illustration

E-Commerce Marketing

Losing website traffic? Spending too much time acquiring customers? Optimize your storefront and scale your email marketing and SMS strategies to increase revenue and keep more customers coming back.

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Paid Search and Social

You've got the expertly written content and Intelligent Inbound marketing strategy in the bag. Now, it's time to extend your reach and help your buyer personas find you through paid search and social.

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Website Design and Consulting

Your website should be working for you—not against you. Whether you want to improve or completely redesign your website, put our award-winning team’s talents to work so you can start attracting more customers.

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Sales Enablement

Close the loop between marketing and sales with the right strategy and technologies. We’ll help you create a plan that will empower your sales team to improve productivity and better serve your future customers.

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Creative and Branding

Give people a reason to believe in what you do—and why you do it—with a cohesive identity that reflects your mission, values, and voice. From content creation and storytelling to logos and graphic design, we’ll bring your brand to life.

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Your business should dominate search results. We can help you curate and optimize what searchers see when they find you online.

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Public Relations

Increase your brand's credibility and enhance its visibility. Explore how we can leverage your team’s expertise to get the reach you deserve and achieve your goals faster.

HubSpot Implementation and Migrations Illustration

HubSpot Implementation and Migrations

Get the guidance you need from certified HubSpot Elite experts. We'll set up your HubSpot platform and migrate data from your existing systems—giving you all the tools you need to convert leads in one place. You get expertise every step of the way, ensuring your success.

Integrations Illustration


Are your marketing software solutions aligned? Or are you wasting time and energy trying to make separate systems work? Our experts knock down siloes for painless integrations configuration of your favorite martech from the HubSpot App Marketplace. Get the help you need orchestrating the types of complex operations that standard workflows can’t handle.

Video Marketing Illustration

Video Marketing

Video is the golden ticket to securing more customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Let’s work together to create the kind of video that embodies your voice and captures the attention of your personas.

One-Time Projects Illustration

One-Time Projects

You have digital needs, but you don’t need soup-to-nuts services? We love the excitement of one-time projects, and we can help you with everything from creating the perfect infographic to developing on-page SEO strategy.

Shopify services

Shopify Services

E-commerce moves fast. Stay ahead of the curve with strategies to optimize your storefront and outrun the competition. Our team of Shopify experts is here to help with audits, one-time projects, and ongoing post-launch support.

Our Full Service Methodology

We don’t stop at strategy—and we don’t start at execution.

At SmartBug Media®, we do it all. From discovery to launch, research to actionable results, we take the time to understand your brand and execute your vision with proven digital marketing and sales strategies to get you moving toward your business goals further and faster.

How We Do It:

  • Understanding your business on a deep level
  • Defining KPIs and objectives
  • Identifying gaps in your current digital strategy
  • Leveraging all facets of digital (and traditional) marketing with a customer-centered approach
  • Focusing on strong results

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