Building a different kind of agency.

SmartBug is more than a digital marketing agency—we’re an intelligent inbound marketing agency of inbound strategy, design, web development, public relations, and marketing automation experts. And, we're the highest rated agency among all of HubSpot's partners. 

Client-side marketing experience

Your success depends on more than a methodology. That's why SmartBug hires marketing strategists with 10+ years of client-side experience. Our focus is not simply on the campaign launch, but the full campaigns and their results. In fact, we built SmartBug as a 100 percent remote employee model so we could attract the best talent from across the country. Our team comes from brands such as HubSpot, FCB, Seagate, HBO, Gartner, Deloitte & Touche, Electronic Arts, and UBM.

No interns or offshoring

You hired an agency because you wanted a trusted expert with a vested interest in your success. That's why we don't use interns or offshore our work. You work with SmartBug employees. No faux marketers. No black box processes. Just solid professionals that want to win for you.

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Investment in training

Sure, we have all the certifications: HubSpot, Google, AdWords, Moz, Wistia, and so on. And we have more than 200 five-star reviews from our clients and recommendations from a who’s who of digital marketing thought leaders. Our team is committed to our own professional development so we can be at the top of our game for our clients. Our dedicated certification days and company-funded training program ensure each SmartBug team member has access to the resources they need to maintain and grow their skills

Trusted systems

Quality is not an art. It's about building predictable systems to integrate creatively with the processes, checks, and balances to get things right for our clients—the first time.

Not afraid to share

But even with all that, it’s about relationships. We are not a "throw it over the cubicle wall" type agency. We’re an extension of your team: Your confidante and trusted ally that helps you dominate your next market. Think of us as your remote digital marketing team that cherishes a seat at your table and a voice in your strategy.

So, if you want to slay some markets, make some memories, and build some great relationships along the way, we’d love to earn your business.

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Team Members


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Marketing Certifications


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Our values


Get it done

We are committed to effectively preparing and executing our best work on time so that our teams, and therefore our clients, succeed.


Stay curious

We believe learning is an ongoing process (and you don’t need a school to do it), so we stay driven to master what we don’t know.


Have fun

We spend more time at work than perhaps anywhere else, so we create memorable experiences with each other and our clients.


Innovate, always

We believe good ideas can come from anywhere, so we explore everything on the table and constantly strive to find the best path forward.


Rock it

We define success based on our clients’ success, meaning we work hard day and night to deliver results and peace of mind to our clients.

Our team

Ryan Malone

Founder & CEO

Julia Feldman

General Counsel

Amber Kemmis

VP of Client Services

Jen Spencer

VP of Sales & Marketing

Damon Yerian

VP of Creative

Evan Futterman

Director of Web Development

Nicki Kamau

Director of Marketing

Aaron Riddle

Digital Project Manager

Amanda Singleton

Senior Designer / UX

Amy Andrews


Andy Williams

Senior Designer

Aubreigh Ulicki

Marketing Consultant

Ben Gallant

Senior Developer

Benji Bateman

Marketing Consultant

Brooke Tomasetti

Social Media Strategist

Caleb Malik

Sales Executive

Carrie Hopkins

Marketing Strategist

Catey Miller

Senior Editor

Charly Mostert

Marketing Consultant

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett

Senior Copywriter

Chelsea Boice

Marketing Consultant

Chris Hutchens

Marketing Consultant

Christina Clark

Marketing Consultant

Drew Cohen

Team Lead & Marketing Strategist

Emily Rasmussen

Project Manager

Emma Urbanek

Marketing Consultant

Fred Feiner

PR Specialist

Graham Mazie


Hannah Vergara

Marketing Consultant

Hasan Kadenić

UX Strategist

Heather Quitos

Marketing Consultant

Hilary Coles

Senior Designer

Ian Andersen

Digital Project Manager

Jake Havenridge

Senior Paid Search Strategist

Jen Huyenh-Cho

Digital Project Manager

Jennifer Tolkachev

Public Relations Strategist

Jessica Vionas-Singer

Marketing Strategist

Joe Brannen

Marketing Consultant

Joe Gillespie

Senior Copywriter

Juli Durante

Team Lead & Marketing Strategist

Julia Tiedt

Marketing Strategist

Kate Uhry

Marketing Consultant

Katie Mayberry

Sales Executive

Katy Kendeall

Sales Executive

Kelly Forrest

Associate Marketing Consultant

Kristen Deyo

Marketing Strategist

Kristen Patel

CRO Strategist

Mallory Fetchu

Marketing Consultant

Mark Ryba

Senior Developer

Mary Cate Spires

Marketing Strategist

Meg Andersen

Marketing Consultant

Mike Wolfe

Marketing Strategist

Miranda George

QA Specialist

Molly Rigatti

Marketing Strategist

Paul Schmidt

Marketing Strategist

Sam McCue

Marketing Consultant

Sandy Moore

Marketing Strategist

Sarah Mead

Marketing Strategist

Shannon Delmarle

Marketing Strategist

Sofia Pompeo

Marketing Consultant

Tessa Flores


Tyler Smith

Marketing Consultant


The O.G.

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