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The Start of a Leading Inbound Marketing Agency

Early in my career, I ran product marketing and product management within a division of Seagate Technology and ran marketing at several early stage, venture-backed companies.

We hired agencies like everyone else. Whenever things went well, it was due to the agency’s proprietary process. When things went poorly, agencies were quick to blame. Somehow we hadn’t provided what they needed to be successful.

This didn’t sit well.

The more I peeled the onion, the more disconnects emerged. The teams performing the work weren’t marketers.

They were mostly interns, graphic designers and other non-marketers with the senior leaders attending only key meetings.

These agency teams were people who had never launched a product, managed a P&L, raised money, presented to the board or understood the implications of being wrong in the market. They seemed to be far more concerned about creative than campaign performance.

We wanted marketing help. Not just help.

I asked my peers. And the vast majority had the same concerns. They just didn’t know of any other options.


I started SmartBug Media in 2007 to address this big problem in the market. SmartBug was born with the simple premise that an agency can only be an extension of your team if they bring real-world marketing experience to the table.

You’re committed to building a better marketing machine, or you wouldn’t be reading this.

And we’re committed to providing you a team of skilled marketers. Marketers that unlike many agencies have a strong client-side track records and the experience to make a difference for you.

No interns. No faux marketers. No black box processes.

That’s why our team comes from industry leaders like Gartner, HubSpot, UBM, Brafton, Deloitte & Touche, HBO, Electronic Arts, and many smaller companies that have built winning teams.

It’s simple. We’re only a true extension of your team if we bring the skills, the education, the help and the transparency to ensure your success.

That’s what we are here to do, and that is why we’re excited to compete for your business.

- Ryan Malone

2015 HubSpot Impact Award Winners

Nine Total Nominations:

People's Choice Impact Award for Best Growth Story

Best New Client Onboarding

Best Client Graphic Design

Client Campaign of the Year

Happiest Clients

Website Design of the Year

Client Growth Story of the Year

COS Innovators of the Year

Marketplace Provider of the Year


Our Team. Your Team.


Every member of our team works together as an extension of your team, 100% focused on your success. 




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