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Bringing Compensation Intelligence to HR Departments Nationwide

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When OpenComp’s cofounders quit their day jobs as the heads of HR for a leading CRM platform, they knew there had to be a better way to capture meaningful salary information. The result? Compensation intelligence with a commitment to clarity for corporations of all sizes and industries.

OpenComp approached SmartBug Media® ready to take their vision to the next level, iterating on existing branding and messaging guidelines to build something better. They were looking for a new website that would invite visitors in, streamline navigation, and encourage prospects to sign up for their compensation solutions. As spokespeople for transparency and clarity, it was important to the OpenComp team that their new site evoked those same feelings of simplicity and approachability.

Now, thanks to the new site’s sophisticated mega menu, visitors can seamlessly explore OpenComp’s compensation solutions by role and company size. And thanks to custom designs and subtle animations, the process of strategizing compensation plans for your organization is more engaging now than ever.

OpenComp web design desktop overlap OpenComp web design mobile overlap

Simple Mega Menu Navigation

Visitors can now hover over solutions, pricing, and resource materials in just a few swift motions, then pivot to relevant resources on the right-hand side.

OpenComp web design example slide A
OpenComp web design example slide B

Custom Touches to Branded Assets

SmartBug® enhanced client-provided illustrations to maintain branding standards while creating color cohesion across the new site.

OpenComp web design tablet example

Subtle Animations to Highlight CTAs

Animated arrows point inward toward primary CTAs, guiding the user to take action without overwhelming or distracting them. 

OpenDesktop web design desktop slide

Robust Resource Library

OpenComp’s new resource library now houses all of their assets in one place, from podcasts and blog posts to news articles and a comprehensive compensation glossary.

OpenComp web design tablet overlap OpenComp web design mobile overlap

Customizable Icon Library

With branded, editable icons housed in a single library, it’s easier than ever for the OpenComp team to access, swap out, and alter the colors of their iconography according to branding standards. 

OpenComp web design mobile slide A OpenComp web design mobile slide B

Speedy Desktop and Mobile Load

Thanks to the new site’s fast page load, users can enjoy a speedy, responsive experience on both desktop and mobile.