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Aligning a Brand’s Narrative with Its Target Audience



ThreeKit is a 3D visualization software company that helps brands create immersive product experiences across channels. It partnered with SmartBug® to bring its product offering into focus while creating a brand new look and feel for its website. Our team aligned ThreeKit’s target audience with the company’s brand narrative to create a clear, easy-to-navigate website that is designed with inbound best practices to meet ThreeKit’s traffic and lead goals.

1-Threekit-dektop-overlap-slide1 1-Threekit-mobile-overlap-slide1

Defining Personas

Our first step was to define the target audience and create a clear value proposition that aligned the brand’s narrative to the product.


Structuring the Website

With the gaps in the brand narrative filled in, we created a new site architecture that clearly defines the brand’s products and services.

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Wireframing the Experience

Targeting customers at all stages of the Buyer’s Journey, we ensured the site could support content for several user mindsets.

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Customizing the Navigation

To help each customer find relevant content, we created a dropdown menu that allows users to browse solutions by visualization type or use case.


Creating Necessary Content

Product implementation plays a major role in decision-making across personas. We created the Getting Started page to address user pain points.