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Transforming a CX Brand

Innervate's website on desktop
Innervate's website on tablet
Innervate's website on mobile


California-based company, Innervate (formerly RevJet), creates dynamic customer experiences to help teams uncover better ways to work together and build better outcomes. 

RevJet was preparing to re-launch with a fresh brand identity: Innervate. They approached SmartBug Media® to not only update their brand, but to turn their website into a tool capable of driving their inbound efforts, from increasing requests for introductory meetings to boosting subscriptions to branded communications. 

So the team got to work to develop a website with completely new themes and brand standards. Now, thanks to a balanced design and user-friendly menus, visitors can get what they’re searching for quickly and easily. And thanks to enhanced imagery and animation, they don’t have to wonder how Innervate’s solutions work—they can see for themselves.

Innervate's Sleek Website Design Another look at Innervate's Sleek Website Design

Sleek Design

Design sets the tone. The Innervate website leverages white space and specific touches such as product screenshots to create a clean and polished experience that serves up digestible content that matches users’ needs.

Custom Imagery and Animations on Innervate Custom Imagery and Animations on mobile for Innervate

Custom Imagery and Animations

In keeping with the new brand, the new website showcases custom imagery that highlights its vibrant purples, blues, and reds and incorporates relevant iconography. But the cream of the crop lies in engaging animations that spotlight Innervate’s capabilities and infrastructure, as well as how easy certain products are to use.

Innervate's User-Friendly Mega Menu

User-Friendly Mega Menu

Users can navigate a drop down that displays all products and showcases solutions by industry. When ready, they can return to the same menu to tell Innervate they want to talk.

Innervate's Parallax Scroll on tablet Innervate's Parallax Scroll on mobile

Parallax Scroll

The new site implements a parallax scrolling effect. A subtle touch to enhance engagement, the items in the foreground and background move at different speeds, creating depth and making images move with users as they scroll.

Innervate's Complete Brand Overhaul on desktop Innervate's Complete Brand Overhaul on mobile

Complete Brand Overhaul

SmartBug® led the transformation from RevJet to Innervate, turning over all brand standards—from fonts to colors. Over time, Revjet had become outdated and static, relying on simple shades of red, black, and white. By contrast, Innervate portrays an air of innovation, echoed by pops of purples, blues, and reds and augmented by striking gradients. The new site maintains brand standards and color cohesion to draw a clear line between who RevJet was and who Innervate is now.