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HubSpot Implementations and Migrations

Let our certified experts set up your HubSpot platform and migrate data from existing systems to help you convert throughout the customer lifecycle.

The HubSpot Hubs We Know Best?
All of Them.


Marketing Hub

Marketing Hub is a robust marketing automation platform designed to help scaling companies attract, convert, and delight at every stage of the journey.

The result: Data-driven marketing campaigns reach the right prospects at the right time.

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Sales Hub

Sales Hub is the enterprise-grade CRM giving a complete revenue picture, featuring everything from top-of-funnel leads to closed-won deals.

The result: Teams are aligned, sales cycles are humming, and reps close more deals without friction.

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Operations Hub

Operations Hub centralizes an ops team’s full toolkit and unites all your customer data on one connected CRM platform to help your entire team stay aligned.

The result: Your efficient, aligned, and agile business with its strategically aligned ops team will deliver frictionless customer experiences.

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Services Hub

The RevOps function comes full circle with HubSpot’s customer service software, Service Hub, designed to help you connect with customers and exceed their expectations.

The result: Deepen customer relationships, connect to the front office, and improve customer retention and LTV.

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Commerce Hub

Condense all of your commerce products into a single hub where you can manage your revenue operations and payment processing.

The result: Effortlessly create quotes, issue invoices, and receive payments—all within HubSpot.

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CMS Hub is a CRM-powered content management platform that leverages a unified view of the customer to create experiences that keep up with modern expectations. 

The result: You'll have a better, smarter website with seamless functionality and a powerful user experience.

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Expertise You Can Trust

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How We Help

In a few simple steps, our team will target your migration and HubSpot implementation requirements to put you on a path to digital success.

Step 1

Identification of Migration Needs

We work with you to identify essential company data such as email templates, workflows, list segmentations, and more so your HubSpot platform can truly serve as a single, robust dashboard for managing all of your business and marketing operations.

Step 2

Account and Hub Setup

Whether you’re using the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Customer Service Hub, Operations Hub, or a combination of all of the above, we’ll build out the components you need to take advantage of everything HubSpot has to offer.

Step 3

Technical Configurations

Tailor your business architecture with custom objects, integrations, installations, and setup so you’re in full control of how you choose to access, manage, and leverage your data. Our team uses 100+ settings to align HubSpot with your company’s unique needs.

Step 4

Lead, Deal, and Support Automation

When it comes to managing how a lead enters your database, when a deal is created, or how a service ticket is handled, automation is key. We’ll work with you to automate your sales and marketing processes in HubSpot, saving you time and money.

Step 5

Marketing Content and Promotions

Stellar content is the vehicle that drives qualified leads to your site. Our team will help you get all of the foundational items in place so you can start publishing engaging, informative content that reaches your target audience throughout the full customer lifecycle.

Step 6

Reporting and Insights

Want to unlock insights that inspire genius? We'll ensure HubSpot is hooked up to Google Analytics, help you find dashboards and reporting, and teach you how to track the necessary KPIs to prove—and boost—your company's digital ROI.

As we continued to partner with SmartBug, they helped us realize the extent of what we could achieve with inbound marketing and sales enablement tactics, powered through our HubSpot platform. We’ve now built a data-driven distribution function, with seamless integration between marketing and sales activities.
Sarah Alexander Headshot
Sarah Alexander
Chief Marketing Officer, Emles Advisors

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