COVID-19 Update from Our CEO



I am sure you can’t view your timeline, inbox, or text messages without seeing some kind of update or information relating to COVID-19. As a company that’s been remote for more than 10 years, we are taking this moment to stand tall, deliver great work, provide peace of mind, and help you navigate this new work model.

It’s uncertain times like these when I’m reminded of why I started SmartBug Media® in the first place: to do extraordinary work with extraordinary people. We wanted to provide a challenging work environment, a culture loaded with deep mutual intellectual respect, and the flexibility to create memories with the people we care about. We believe this approach gives us the opportunity to make a difference in our team’s lives and offer a successful, growth-oriented career.

With work-from-home requirements and vendor/client relationships under strain from a world not yet ready for remote, I want you to know that we are here for you. In the past decade,  we have mastered streamlined communications and made partnerships stronger—precisely because of our 100 percent remote model. For SmartBug® employees, there hasn’t been much change in day-to-day operations, meaning no hiccups or slowing down to adjust, no dropped balls, and no inefficiencies. What has changed? We’re seeing a few more furry faces, laughing children, and crowded backgrounds than usual. We’re right alongside you working from home, and we’re here to help you make and embrace that adjustment.

With changes affecting nearly every aspect of life, the way we market our businesses must change too. We have worked with our clients to shift messaging, make quick changes, create crisis communications, re-evaluate strategies, and adjust to this new normal. We are focused on helping each other. Whether it’s clients, coworkers, or family we are in this together.

Need help shifting your campaigns? Ask. Want some tips on working remotely? Ask. Want coaching on how to weigh the risk of working with newly remote vendors? Ask. 

The point is: Just ask. We are here for you and ready to make some memories together. 

To the future, 

Ryan Malone
CEO, SmartBug Media