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Web Maintenance & Optimization

Time to overhaul your website's performance? We've got you covered. Our maintenance and optimization services begin with a technical audit and operate in tandem with our website development solutions to enhance your site's functionality, improve speed, and mitigate risk while keeping your sensitive data safe.

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Providing you maintenance and optimization solutions that ...

Manage Extensions

Most websites include, at minimum, a theme and several extensions. To maintain performance, these extensions must be regularly updated. That's where our team of experts comes in.

Optimize Performance

You have just seconds to capture visitors' attention. Make every moment count with a high-performing website. Our specialists stay on top of industry best practices to fuel your success.

Enhance Functionality

As your brand evolves, your website is likely to scale with custom design elements and technical configuration. We'll maximize your website's functionality without sacrificing performance metrics such as bounce rate and page speed.

Mitigate Risk

Flag potential risks before they become real problems. Our technical audits and monthly reports give your team a realistic picture of your website's performance on a regular basis so you can strategize and optimize accordingly.
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Let's Enhance Your Online Presence

  • Even after launch day, your website is never truly "complete." We'll roll out optimization strategies that keep your online presence fresh, functional, and strategically engineered for revenue growth. 
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The challenge: When your website's page speed slows or your visitors encounter a clunky user experience (UX), you risk a decline in engagement and a stall in conversions. 

Our approach: Our technical audit offers a comprehensive evaluation of your website to identify opportunities for optimization, increase engagement, and improve overall website performance. We lead with data-driven strategies to enhance your online presence across all key metrics so you can attract new visitors, boost conversions, and drive revenue. We'll measure our success against several key performance indicators, including but not limited to:

  • Page speed
  • Engagement rate
  • Acquisition sources performance
  • Exit rate
  • Average time spent

Available on Your Platform of Choice:

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An Extension of Your Team

Innovators. Problem solvers. Go-getters. We’re proud to maximize outcomes for your business and accelerate your growth.

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