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Event Management

Make meaningful connections with prospects and bring your brand into the spotlight. We'll help you maximize the outcomes of your next event by managing any or all of the strategy, promotion, design, and analytics. Together, we'll turn every in-person conversation into an opportunity for your next qualified lead conversion and measurable ROI.

SmartBug Media Event Management

Booth Visits Built with ...

Cohesive Collateral

Bring your brand collateral to life with custom graphics, banners, and booth displays that turn heads, prompt in-person conversations, and elevate the way your brand is perceived.

Seamless Promotion

Get the word out in the months, weeks, and days leading up to your big event to gauge interest and encourage attendance. Then, follow up with prospects as you begin to nurture qualified leads.

Strong Partnerships

Broaden your circle of industry connections and brand opportunities. We'll show you how to maximize your network of new and existing partnerships through ongoing outreach.

Trackable ROI

Measure the impact of every event with metrics such as total registrations, ticket sales, and sign-ups. We'll help you configure HubSpot to get the most out of every data point you collect.
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From In-Person Conversations to Qualified Lead Conversions

We provide comprehensive event management support to generate sales-qualified leads and boost your ROI.

Event Management

Event management strategy: Get support for every show or event series, including an estimated timeline to manage ongoing deliverables leading up to the big day.

Budget management: Stick to your budget with support from our team. We'll handle setup, tracking, and reporting to stay on target.

Vendor management: Make informed decisions about the industry events you attend with vendor selection, recommendations, coordination, and ongoing correspondence. 

Post-event analysis: Find out which events are making the biggest impact on your bottom line. We'll follow up with a presentation after the big day to gather actionable insights.

Take your event management to the next level with our select add-on services.

  • In-Person Management on Event Day
  • Show Strategy for Additional Shows

HubSpot 2022 Impact Award: Ashling Partners Success

Learn how we helped our client Ashling Partners dramatically increase MQLs at an in-person event by deploying a custom strategy for mobile-first attendee engagement. As a result of our marketing efforts and the event's success, SmartBug proudly received the 2022 HubSpot Impact Award for Platform Excellence.

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New MQLs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can this service be customized to fit different types of events?

Yes! We offer a range of customization within each of our event management offerings to support clients at every level, based on event type. During the discovery process, we'll get to know your overall marketing objectives and existing strategies. From there, we tailor our event marketing solutions to align with and complement your ongoing initiatives, ensuring brand consistency and strategic coherence.

What technologies do you use for event tracking and analytics?

As HubSpot's largest and most decorated HubSpot partner, we're proud to leverage the full power of this fully integrated CRM to support you throughout your event management endeavors. We use advanced tools like HubSpot for event engagement tracking, lead capture, and post-event follow-up. We also use custom objects in HubSpot for detailed analytics and reporting. Some events have tracking technology that integrates with HubSpot. When possible, we will recommend integrating this data with HubSpot. SmartBug can provide integration services at an additional fee; these vary in cost depending on if the integration is native or custom.

Can you manage events of all sizes, from small seminars to large trade shows?

Absolutely! Our team has experience in managing a wide variety of events, and our solutions are scalable to accommodate any event size, ensuring personalized attention and quality execution regardless of scope.

How do you measure the success of your event marketing strategies?

Success is measured against predefined KPIs, including attendee engagement, lead generation, sales conversions, and overall feedback. We also analyze data after the event to provide insights for continuous improvement.

What type of support do you offer for virtual and hybrid events?

Our event management services are flexible, based on your needs. We provide comprehensive support for virtual and hybrid events, including digital platform selection, virtual engagement strategies, content creation for online formats, and technical support, to ensure a seamless experience.

Start Planning Your Event

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