By Paul Schmidt

Couldn’t make it to #inbound15 this year? No problem…we have you covered. Here are 9 marketing tools and resources shared from some of the brightest marketing minds. These resources were taken straight from our favorite sessions:

  1. Lead generation from display, social or retargeting: is one of the coolest tools that allows you generate leads from other websites. Here is how it works. On bottom-of-the-funnel display, social or retargeting ads,  you can send someone to another site where your positive 3rd party or testimonials live. On this external page, will overlay a banner that allows you to promote your other bottom-of-the-funnel offers (like demos, trials, or consultations) and capture leads.

  2. Facebook Strategies for Generating Traffic and Leads: Mari Smith is real Facebook pro. Check out her two resources that show you the 10 Facebook mistakes to avoid and 10 tips for improving your Facebook ROI.

  3. Marketing, Technology and Development Trends: What are the latest coding languages or marketing hacks that people are using to grow their applications or websites? HackerNews will give you early insights that comes straight from the techie water cooler.

  4. Technology Trends Tool: Built With came out with a tool that allows you to see the growth or decline of website technologies. This tool is useful if you are debating the purchase of similar technologies for your website.  For example, not sure what ‘live chat’ widget to install on your website. Look to this chart to start your decision marketing process. This tool could also be useful for companies that are looking to create a complementary product to a growing technology. Vice-versa, it could also prevent you from making the mistake of entering a saturated market with a mediocre product.

  5. Analytics and big data mining tool: Finally, Watson from IBM is available for anyone to use. Chris Penn shared this gem which allows marketers to upload a CSV of their data and IBM will process this data. IBM can then pull out a vast array of predictive and correlational data.

  6. Google Tag Manager Guide: Google’s tag manager is a godsend for marketers that employ several tracking technologies on their website. The tag manager neatly organizes your analytics, advertising, e-commerce and other scripts you need on your website. Michael King (aka @ipullrank) created this guide which will walk you through how to set up and get the most of Google Tag Manager.

  7. Conversion rate optimization and landing page guide: Looking to improve your CRO skills? Here’s an 11-part landing page course from Unbounce from some of the top conversion-rate optimization experts in the world.

  8. Google Analytics Course: A baseline understanding of how to use Google analytics is a must for any marketing professional. Here’s a multi-part series of tutorials from Google that will help you advance your analytics skills regardless of if you’re a beginner or a pro.

  9. Complete guide and toolkit for content strategy: As most inbound marketers recognize, remarkable content is the cornerstone to a successful inbound marketing strategy. Here is a toolkit from Meghan Casey on how to run a content audit,  how to get buy-in from clients or bosses for content projects, identify gaps/weaknesses in your content and create a strategy that is focused on your mission and goals. 

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